Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review - S6E5 (The Flood)

Mad Men 28/04/2013 was an episode which was shocking and was filled with a range of emotions such as panic and anguish.This is another one of those shows which has an old age touch to it which is quite entertaining to watch.Read on for the Mad Men 28/04/2013 Recap and Review.

Mad Men 28/04/2013 Recap and Review

The Show started with Don and Megan on their way to an advertising awards function.On the way they run into Sylvia and the doctor.It is revealed that Megan has been nominated for the Heinz Baked beans ad whereas the Rosens are on their way to D.C.

Awards Function - Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The Awards function saw Don and Megan hiring Paul Newman to speak SCDP'S nosebleed seats.They were so far away from the stage that Joan actually busts out her glass and claims she needs binoculars.

Martin Luther King Jr. - Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Another scene at Mad Men 28/04/2013 showed that While Paul Newman is speaking,A man from the audience shouts and says that Martin Luther King Jr. has been assassinated which ended with Joan Crying and Don comforting Megan.

Don seems to be more engrossed with the riots than the assassination to an extent where he forgets that it's his turn with the kids.He uses a lame excuse of danger in the streets as an excuse for not picking them up.

Betty then tells Don "I Guarantee You'd got to Canada on your knees to pick up your Girlfriend" This guilt proves to work on Don as he spends time with his kids.

Don's Neglected Son 'Bobby' - Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

In another scene of Mad Men 28/04/2013 one of Don's neglected son Bobby is seen picking and peeling the wallpaper and he then pushes his bed to hide it,all this because he felt the panels didn't line up.

Betty Reacts to this by saying "You're destroying this house!"

Don Spends time with Bobby at the movies.Megan later comes back home and finds him alone with their kids with a drink in his hand.

This makes her scold Don as she says "Is this what you want to be When they need you?

To this Don retaliates by saying "The fact that You're faking that feeling makes you wonder if your own father had the same problem"

After a few moments a scene on Mad men 28/04/2013 shows Don going into Bobby's room and Bonding with him.He asks his son to fall asleep and walks outside

Dawn's return - Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

After the Assassination Dawn comes into the office which surprises Don.Joan hugs dawn and tells her "We're all so sorry"

After the news breaks down everyone at the ad awards ends up standing in line to call their loved ones.Pete tends to get a bit impatient at this stage which is annoying.

He then says its a shameful,shameful day! and further says that it's not a day to worry about money and ends up calling Harry a pig.Burt on the other hand insists that the two shake hands which ends up with only Pete stopping in mid-shake.Harry then says "I mistook this for a work day" which ends up with Pete retaliating by saying  "Let me put this in terms you'd understand: He had a wife and four kids".

Pete's Anger - Mad Men 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Pete looked visibly annoyed when Roger entertained Jane in blackface and after Admiral TV scoffed at his pitch he stated "If it isn't Martin Luther King Jr.!"

Peggy on the other hand tried to get an apartment in the upper east side with her money.She ends up having a better table at the awards function than down and crew.

That's it for my Mad Men 28/04/2013 Recap and Review,A few parts  of the show might be missing to minimize spoilers.

The mad men this Sunday was a good show and i would recommend you to watch it if you can.

What are your thoughts about the  Mad Men 28/04/2013 Recap and Review?


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