Mad Men S6E4 21/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Mad Men S6E4 (To have and to hold) 21/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Before i start the Recap and Review of Mad Men S6E4 'To have and to hold' that aired on 21/04/2013,i would strongly recommend you to watch the episode before reading the below lines as it may include spoilers that might ruin the fun of watching the show.With that being said let me start with what went down at the S6E4 on 21/04/2013.

Recap and Review - Mad Men S6E4 - 21/04/2013

The S6E4 started with a scene where Don Draper was reading Dante's inferno at the beach.The episode 3 showed how Draper was still cheating on Megan with his neighbor downstairs,Slyvia.Mad Men 21/04/2013 showcases how bold Draper and Slyvia are regarding their affair as they make out in the building elevator and she leaves a penny below his doormat as a signal.

Megan's soap Opera Review and Recap

Megan's Soap Opera Storyline in Mad Men 21/04/2013 finally gets some attention from the writers as she tells Don she'll have a love scene.He shames her despite him already having an affair with the neighbor downstairs.

Don and Megan's double date Review and Recap

Things turn a little Weird when Don and Megan go on a double date with Megan's boss and his wife.A proposition by them is turned down by the drapers who decline the invitation to participate in the extracurricular activities.

Megan looks visibly surprised about how open the other couples are about their swinging lifestyle.Later on at S6E4 of Mad Men 21/04/2013 Don Eavesdrops on Peggy's meeting with Ketchup which takes place at a hotel room which is rented for the occasion.The firm loses its steady (Beans and Vinegar) and its mistress (Ketchup),This probably indicates the sign of things to come for Don.

Harry Crane S6E4 - Mad men 21/04/2013 - Review and Recap

Harry Crane who still works at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is still capable of feeling things.After Joan fires Harry's secretary for sneaking out of work early and having dawn punch out her time card,Harry barges in between a partner's meeting and says there will be hell to pay if everyone doesn't start putting gold stars next to his name on the refrigerator chart.He wanted to be a partner.Even though he ended up getting a bonus of $23,000 it didn't matter as he wanted to be a partner.

No Betty Draper and Trudy Campbell in S6E4 of Mad Men 21/04/2013

The Ending of Mad Men S6E4 21/04/2013 Review and Recap

At the end of the episode Don shows up at Megan's set to watch her perform and see's her love scene with that guy.Don gets angry and starts a fight with Megan and ends up going to Sylvia's apartment.

He asks Sylvia about her crucifix necklace which she explains means a lot to her as she prays for Don to find peace.He spins the necklace across so he doesn't have to look at it.That ends the recap and Review.Hope you enjoyed it.

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