Superman: Man of Steel Release date and Trailer revealed

Preview - Superman: Man of Steel Plot,Release date and Trailer revealed

Superman fans will be happy to know that the famous American superhero is about to be back in the upcoming film 'Man of Steel',The Comic adapted movie has a massive fan following and is expected to be one of the most anticipated movies about to to hit the theaters in 2013.Read on for the Superman: Man of Steel Plot,Release date,cast and Trailer.

Plot,Release Date,Cast and Trailer

If you remember the last film of the series it released quite a while back and didn't impress much but looking at the trailer of 'Man of Steel' it feels like this might just be a winner.The film might be something the franchise lovers have long been waiting for.

Superman: Man of SteelPlot

The plot of the movie 'Man of Steel' as per IMDB revolves around a young Journalist who is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when the earth is invaded by members of his race.

To be honest the plot doesn't look too appealing to me but after looking at the sneak peak preview I'm convinced this will be good.Hopefully i will try watching this the day it hits the theaters.


The movie is directed by Zack Snyder and has Henry Cavil who plays the role of Superman.Russell Crowe,Amy Adams,Kevin Costner,Diane Lane and Michael Shannon are also going to be a part of the film.The cast in itself looks strong enough to make the movie stand out from the rest.I just hope that it does not end up being good only on the sneak peak preview as i am really looking forward to it.

Release date and Trailer.

The expected release date of  June 14th 2013 in Conventional,3D and IMAX theaters.You can take a look at the movie trailer here

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