Mario & Luigi: Dream team release date Unveiled

Mario & Luigi: Dream team release date Unveiled

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Mario and Luigi Dream team release date has been confirmed by Nintendo.The Role playing game is set to make its way in North America in August 2013 which will be a month after the European and Japanese launch.

Nintento CEO Satoru Iwata has also confirmed that the title would be released in North America on August 11.

The game will be released in Europe and Japan on July 12th and 18th respectively.

The video game will also be available through the 3DS E Shop.

The title just like the other games in the series will have Mario as the main protagonist who will be accompanied by more playable characters.

The title is one of the most anticipated one among the nintendo gamers as the last title that was released did really well in the market.It will be interesting to see how the title shapes up considering the advancement in technologies since the last release.

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