Oblivion (19/04/2013) Movie Review

Oblivion (19/04/2013) Movie Review

Oblivion was an American Science fiction film i was waiting to see because of the plot of the movie as it looked very interesting.The plot revolved around a veteran who is assigned to extract earths remaining resources.Tom Cruise was the lead in the movie,so it had some kind of an added advantage within it.Apart from Tom Cruise,Morgan Freeman who himself is an icon was a part of the film as well.Although Oblivion has been receiving mixed reviews,i felt it was not that bad.Read on for the complete Review of what i felt of the film.

Oblivion (19/04/2013) Review

Oblivion (19/04/2013) was very appealing and was a visual treat.It is undoubtedly one of the best Sci Fi films i have seen in a long long time.Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman who are considered to be legends in Hollywood as they can turn dust into gold,but when you see something having such great storyline which is very appealing,you can imagine how good it might end up being.
Yes at  times i felt it was too long but it didn't get boring at any point of time.The film along with the great visuals also had a good entertainment value to it.There have been many Sci Fi films in the past that end up being nothing,that definitely wasn't the case with Oblivion that released on 19/04/2013.

The twists within the movie was also great to see and looked to be unique.Some of my friends who went with me to watch this felt the story might have ruined it but i certainly didn't feel that.

I would like to end my review by saying that if you love watching visuals within a film or if you want to watch a good scifi movie this one is definitely for you.

I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 points just for one reason because its after a long time we are getting to see something this good in the Scifi genre.Hope you enjoyed the review.

What do you think about Oblivion movie that released on 19/04/2013?


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