Review: PSY'S Single 'Gentleman' next big hit?

Review: PSY'S Single 'Gentleman' will be the next big hit after Gangnam Style?

It was not long ago since the South Korean Singer Park Jae Sang better known as PSY took the world by storm when he released the popular single Gangnam Style.The song was so popular and such a massive hit among teens as well as adults than everyone wanted to learn the dance steps.The South Korean Singer is now back with his latest release called Gentleman.Will it create the same hype as the Gangnam Style?

Well,That remains to be seen but here are bright chances that PSY'S new single  'Gentleman' will be the next big hit after Gangnam style considering the amount of fan following he possesses now.


Psy's New Single Gentleman is already the talk of the town as many of his fans and music lovers around the world were expecting to see some cool dance moves/steps just like in Gangnam Style.Read on for the song and music video review.

Song Review

PSY unveiled his latest single on Saturday.The song has a catchy tune but the dance steps/moves are a bit silly.A Music video of this has also been released by the South Korean Rapper,You can watch the video here.Since he is now a popular singer the song has already been watched by approximately 160,000 people on YouTube.

Music Video Review

The Music video included a lot of guys you might have seen in the video of Gangnam style.PSY just like his previous release he dances his way through the song.If you watch the music video closely you will notice a few dance moves that are quite similar to Gangnam Stye but just a little modified.

Dance Moves/Steps

He is one of the few artists who relies more on Dance/moves steps rather than a song.I mean the song he sings most of the time are catchy but what impresses everyone more are the dance moves/steps.Hopefully this will not be the end and we will have many more releases such as this in the near future.

So what do you think about  the review of PSY'S new Single/Song and the Music video of Gentleman?

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