Phoenix Vs Houston 09/04/2013 Results

Phoenix Suns Vs Houston Rockets 09/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The  Phoenix Suns Vs Houston Rockets 09/04/2013 ended up with Rockets winning by a comfortable margin as the basketball match ended at a score of 98-101 in favor of Houston.Read on for the complete Results,Review and Statistical Highlights.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights Phoenix Vs Houston 09/04/2013

Houston Rockets Review and Statistical Highlights

The basketball match between Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns on 09/04/2013 started with various moments where the HR were in the lead during the first half.The results of the match looked one sided as there was nothing drastic happening from PS.The highlights of the HR was Jeremy Lin whose two huge free throws helped them tie the game against Phoenix when they were in a lead.The other notable performances from HR  were James Harden who scored 33 points,Omer Asik who tied with his career high after 22 rebounds.During the final play Harden  had P.J tucker guarding him and launched a 3 from the wing.This ended up with the ball bouncing high of the rim as O'Neil and Patrick Beverly took control of it through a rebound.O'Neil ended up touching the ball and the rim after the ball came down just a few moments after the buzzer sounded.The referees reviewed it and ended up confirming it as a winning basket.Jeremy lin who was the other best highlights of HR ended up making 13 points.Towards the end eventually got hold of a three pointer that helped HR win the basketball match comfortably.

Phoenix Suns Review and Statistical Highlights

After seeing Houston Rockets take various leads in first half on 09/04/2013,the Phoenix Suns went on a 11-4 run to end the half and the results of the match looked evenly poised.During the second half PS had a lead due to a three point clip.Louis Scola was one of the best highlights of the PS as he scored 28 points to lead for the suns at one stage.

The basketball match between the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets on 09/04/2013 was a hard fought one,but at the end the deserving team won the match in this close encounter.

Results/Final Score

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