Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review (S2E19)

Revenge 28/04/2013 was one of the most anticipated TV Shows this week because it was coming back after almost a month for its 19th Episode of Season 2.Read on for the complete Revenge 28/04/2013 Recap and Review.

Revenge 28/04/2013 Recap and Review

Since the episode was coming after a gap of close to a month it was bound to be one of the best of the series and it definitely lived up to the expectation.

The Revenge 28/04/2013 kicked off with Emily's speculation about the identity.Emily is shown to be back in a relationship with Daniel.She  leaves Daniel to pick up Nolan who is in the process of being released after he was held in connection to Padma's death.

Victoria's Medical Records - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Victoria provides medical records to Conrad which prove her abortion.Conrad claimed he wanted the reports for her own protection but Victoria doesn't believe him.Conrad further stresses on how he has given everything to Victoria in the past but she apparently didn't have anything to do with Condrad and his political power.

Emily on the other hand is seen eavesdropping on the entire conversation

Ashley and Jack's Next Move - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Ashley and Jack plan on their next move over a cup of coffee.It is revealed that Ashley has managed to get hold of Conrad's schedule which has all the details about his tax meetings.The two then plan to stalk Conrad.

Nolan and Emily's Plan - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Nolan makes his return on Revenge 28/04/2013,after coming back from detention he first makes his way to get a drink.Nolan and Emily immediately make a plan to take down the Falcon,who is not only responsible for Nolan being in Jail but also for Padma's death.Emily is confident that Victoria will be the best person to help them find Falcon.

Victoria's Flashbacks - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Victoria is seen looking at a picture of Daniel and we are then shown a flashback where Victoria sits in a park and chats with Dean of Admissions in New York Art Academy Library.She eventually comes back to a real world as she hears an Email alert.

The email shows her medical records that she gave Conrad earlier in the day with a stamp on it that says "Forgery",She realizes that someone knows her secret and immediately calls the Falcon demanding the source of the leak which ends up being Nolan and Emily.

Emily's Visit to Jack - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Emily goes on to visit jack who does have anything to do with her.She stresses that she just wants to check on her godson but Jack doesn't need her.The reason for his anger seems to be her getting back with Daniel.

Declan's Harvard Dreams - Revenge 28/04/2013  - Recap and Review

Charlotte is trying to motivate Declan by telling him that he can get into Hardward.She says "Your Grades Won't matter if you get Killer SAT scores." Charlotte promises Declan she will drop by again at night to help him with his essay.

Nolan's Heartbreak about Padma's Death - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Nolan is still broken up about Padma's death as Emily consoles him.Nolan's computer then gets an alert indicating that Falcon has just accessed Victoria's medical records.Nolan then Messages Falcon who sets a time and place for meeting.

Takeda pays a visit to Daniel for a chat about Aiden's poor investments.Aiden then interrupts and is visibly shocked to see Takeda present. The two then speak about Revenge in japanses before Daniel says "I am here to clean up your mess"

Meeting the Falcon - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The next scene shows Nolan going to the Arcade to meet Falcon who turns out to be a girl.Nolan then tells her that,he wants her to delete a number of things about his past.He further claims he would do it himself but he is being watched.

The next thing he tells to the Falcon is "Thanks to you,I'm currently the prime suspect of the murder of my girlfriend".After Falcon disagrees to help him,he pursues her to play him for the job.

Conrad's Tax Meetings - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Jack is seeing filming Conrod at one of his tax meetings which is actually a lie to cover up his encounters with the Governor's wife.He ends up taking a couple of pics and escapes the place.

In the meanwhile on Revenge 28/04/2013 Nolan and Falcon are seen engaging in a combat over a video game.The Falcon is (Obviously) winning.Nolan eventually ends up winning the battle and vies Falcon a flash drive to erase.

Charlotte tries to avoid an Interview - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The next scene at Revenge 28/04/2013 shows Charlotte dressed up and trying to leave so she could avoid an interview with Conrad.Victoria however convinces Charlotte that she is home free and that Conrad will not be back.She's Wrong!

Conrad shows up with a TV Crew as Charlotte escapes but Victoria is humble enough to oblige and tells conrad "I'll assist you in your rise to power"

Takeda doesn't seem to be too happy with Aiden's relationship with Emily.

Conrad  and Alison Stoddard (Governer's Wife) Relationship - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Jack is seen thinking about Conrad's relationship with Alison Stoddard.Ashely further tells Jack that if she could only get five minutes with Conrad she'd be able to find out what he's upto.

After Victoria Receives the email with the stamp Forgery on it,She starts panicking.She calls the Falcon again but she insists her secret is safe.Victoria then goes back to the flashback at the park where it is revealed that she had received a scholarship to study art in Paris.

Emily then makes her way into the interview where she's asked to join Daniel to which she agrees without realizing what Daniel was about to do.Juju Chang asks about the potential wedding between the two in the future.Emily then looking at Victoria says "I Can't imagine an Honor greater than joining the Grayson Family.Jack who looked disgusted stormed out out but Emily refuses to let it go at that.She tries to call him to explain but he hangs up the phone.

Nolan Traps Falcon - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Nolan's plans to trap Falcon works as she opens the flash drive,because of Nolan's well timed call to cops the Falcon (Edith Lee) was finally in FBI Custody.

Meanwhile Declan is seen trying to write his essay for the new york university but couldn't find much to write.He then calls up Charlotte asking her where she is,but she hangs up on him telling him she will call him tomorrow.She is then shown following new BFFL regina out into a club as they pose for pictures.

Victoria and Conrad's Joint Interview - Revenge 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Juju knows a little bit about Victoria's teen pregnancy.Conrad then immediately produces the documents proving otherwise but Juju is not interested to read them.Instead she asks Victoria and Patrick about the six month old infant who she abandoned for art school in france.Victoria after a pause says "The Story is True"

Emily and Nolan celebrate their revenge and Nolan tells her to wipe off the Falcon for what she did to her father.Emily then insists Nolan to send his own picture to red Sharpie.

Daniel is then seen interrupting by turning up with a ring as he is about to propose all over again.He further tells Ems "The only thing that is keeping us from being together is you"

 In one of the most emotional scenes of Revenge 28/04/2013 Emily has a conversation with Aiden who says "As much as i hate to say it,Shouldn't you be with Daniel right now?"

She then shows him the ring and asks for his permission to which Aiden Asks "When its over then what?" and she replies "I can be with you"

He then takes Daniel's ring and slides it into her finger and says "Then Marry the son of a bitch".

Meanwhile Declan, who is still struggling with his essay at Revenge 28/04/2013 receives an email with a picture of Charlotte making out with another girl.Nolan on the other hand is visited by Victoria who is looking for a new hacker.She says she will reinstate Nolan as the sole owner of  Nolcorp for a price "Help me find my firstborn son" she asks.

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