Revenge 31/03/2013 Season 2 Episode 17 'Masquerade' Review

Revenge 31/03/2013 - Season 2 Episode 17 'Masquerade' Review

The Season 2 Episode 17 of the popular American Television Soap opera 'Revenge' was not actually a finale but the last episode before the TV series comes back to air the finale episodes a little later on.The TV Series Revenge that aired on 31/03/2013 for its season 2 Episode 17 'Masquerade' had a theme of Halloween with most of the characters hiding behind masks.


Just like the Halloween festival the episode also saw a lot of  twists and turns and as it normally is the episode turned out to be great.

The revenge storyline however skipped a bit for Emily to move forward towards her latest scheme. The other part of the storyline on the Season 2 episode 17 that aired on 31/03/2013 also saw Nolan Ross trying desperately to crack the Falcon's code and save Padma.

Nolan was kind enough to honor a commitment given to him by Emily Thorne as he left all that he was doing to offer his support to Jack the Plumber.He also spiked up Conrad's earpiece with a recording device and found out that Nate Ryan was plotting against Amanda Clarke.

The other part of the storyline on 31/03/2013 showed Trask revealing that he killed not only Nolan's girlfriend but also her father and Alden's sister.

In another scene of Revenge Season 2 Episode 17 on 31/03/2013 Daniel was seeing having a gossip with his mom by sending his lunch date photo to page six.It is after this he was asked by Emily to join him at the Masquerade ball.

Emily didn't receive an invitation to the Masquerade ball but she went anyway as Victoria's son with the help of a card postmarked 1973.Victoria's anticipation escalated when Emily sent her an anonymous bouquet of 11 roses with a card which read 'Ill be wearing the 12th rose' - your loving son.

A little before the Masquerade ball scene in the episode Victoria confessed to condrad that she'd starred in 16 and pregnant or could have if the MTV series existed in the year 1973.She also said she would have had an abortion.

At the Masquerade Ball Victoria was seen looking around very nervously in search of the black rose and when she found it,she saw a masked man (Who was actually hired by Emily).

While the man slipped out,by mistake she grabbed Alden and fainted to the floor at his feet.

It is yet to be seen how Nolan's character remains moving forward and if he gets his freedom or not.The detective seemed to have serious doubts on Nolan and seem to believe that he is behind the homicide of Padma.

Towards the end of Season 2 Episode 17 of Revenge,Victoria managed to get herself to a nunnery and a flashback then indicated that Victoria did have the baby but gave it up to the orphanage and was now visiting after a span of 40 years.She reunited with the nun who took her son and learned that she had tried to get in contact with her but failed to identify Victoria.Emily took Vicky's place on the bench and told the nun she was pregnent and had nowhere else to go.That's about the end of my review.Hope you enjoyed it

Please note:The review i have written about revenge season 2 is just a snippet to really enjoy the show i would recommend you watch it.

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