Ridge Racer Driftopia release date unveiled?

Ridge Racer Driftopia release date unveiled

Ridge Racer
The free to play downloadable racing game from Bugbear entertainment is expected to release sometime later this year confirmed Namco Bandai (Senior Vice President),along with the Ridge Racer driftopia release date the company also confirmed an additional feature that will be included will allow players to purchase items ingame.

The company also announced that the free to play games play a very important role for them and they would like to launch a few more successful franchises in the free to play genre for everyone to enjoy.

Just like the previous installments this launch is also expected to include races that take place on tracks laid out on city streets and other public roads.The racing within the game is expected to focus mostly on drifting which were also a part of the previous launches within the franchise.The Previous installment was one of the best racing arcade games i have played so hopefully this will be just as good.

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