Scary Movie 5 (2013) Review

Scary Movie 5 (2013) Review

It is now almost 7 years since Scary Movie 4 made it way to the theatres with Anna Faris being the lead.I had mixed expectations from the release of  Scary Movie 5 which released on 12/04/2013 as the film this time had a new director and a new set of actors and actresses,I was actually hoping for something better than the previous releases of the franchise.Read on for the Scary Movie 5 (2013) Review.

Review - Scary Movie 5 - 12/04/2013 (Release date)

Plot Review

Scary Movie 5A 2013 American Horror,comedy and Parody Scary Movie 5 had a plot that was somewhat similar to Paranormal activity.The plot stated that the story was about a couple who begin having unusual activity after bringing a newborn son home from the hospital and just as in Paranormal activity they are also haunted by a demon.

Looking at the plot i was expecting the fifth installment of this parody franchise to be funny which it was at times but failed miserably at the other.Yes,the film had its moments like the previous releases of the franchise but didn't quite live up to the hype and the buzz it was creating a week prior to its release.

Characters Review

If you have seen the previous movies of the franchise the characters were supposed to turn a horror scene into a comic one.I think Ashley Tisdale who is one of the main characters of the film did a good job and so did others,which was one of the positive aspects of the fifth scary movie released on 12/04/2013.If you ask the actors/actresses they will tell you the toughest act to do is comedy,considering that the Actors/actresses within did well.

Story Review

As i said earlier the main plot revolves around the Paranormal activity storyline but the parody/spoof also contained inspiration from the other super hit horror films such as Evil Dead and Mama.The film makers tried their best to include the best scenes from the scariest portions and were able to get a few laughs out of audience but at times it just failed.

Final Thoughts

Personally i enjoyed the movie 50-50,This is  not a film you cannot live without but if you are totally stressed out and need time to relax and wont do a lot of thinking this is the one for you.

I would recommend the fans of the franchise  to watch this film and decide for yourself as i am very confident there are people who loved the last release to love this too.

The review i have written are my thoughts and are not official.I have just written this based on what i think was the positive and negative aspects within the film.If you are still having double thoughts about the film,i would recommend you to watch the trailer here.

What do you think about the Scary Movie 5 (2013) Review?


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