SimCity 2.0 game update tonight (22/04/2013)

SimCity 2.0 game update tonight,Servers to Remain Offline

The City Building and Urban Planning Simulation Video game will have a planned update tonight (22/04/2013) at 20:00 BST which will leave the servers offline.EA has announced that the version 2.0 will fix a number of top-requested bug fixes and improvements.The SimCity 2.0 Game update tonight (22/04/2013)will fix the following problems
  • Mayors Mansion: This will allow the Mayors to drive their fancy cars to work.At present they are able to drive Limo or sports car if the modules are present
  • HUD: Color-Corrects in color blind mode
  • Data Map: Data maps show the filtered color when a color filter is enabled.
To implement the changes EA will take down the game servers for two hours while the 2.0 upgrade is in progress.

EA in their official blogpost said "Choosing a time to issue a major Upgrade is never easy, but after looking our peak player time, we've concluded 9pm GMT is the best window for us to make these improvement"

What are your thoughts about the Simcity 2.0 game update that takes place tonight (22/04/2013) are you OK with the servers being offline?

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