Syracuse Orange VS Michigan Wolverines 06/04/2013 Results

NCAA Basketball - Syracuse Orange VS Michigan Wolverines 06/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NCAA Tournament Basketball match between Syracuse Orange (SO) and Michigan Wolverines (MW) 06/04/2013 saw Michigan get the upper hand as they beat the Syracuse convincingly ending the match on Saturday (06/04/2013) at a score of 61-56.Read on for the complete Results,Review and Statistical Highlights.

Results,Review,Statistical Highlights - SO Vs MW - 06/04/2013

The highlights of the NCAA tournament basketball match between Syracuse Orange and Michigan Wolverines 06/04/2013 saw SO build up a good lead of 14-9 with 12:44 minutes still remaining on the clock during the first half.

Trevor Cooney's three pointer when 10:14 still remained on the clock helped SO take the lead in the first half.MW on the other hand went on a 21-8 run and ended the half with a lead in their favor at 36-25.

Mitch McGary and Glen Robinson III helped the MW with six points at the half,The other highlights from SO  were Michael Carter-Williams,Brandon Triche and James Southerland who combined to shoot 3 of 14 during the first 20 minutes.

When the game had left than 5 minutes into the second half left,SO called for a timeout after McGary's dunk from Burke.At this point of time the score showed MW lead by 43-32

After the timeout SO came all guns blazing,As they went on a 10-2 run to trail 45-41 with approximately 11:08 on the clock.C.J flair was one of the best highlights for orange as he scored 18 points.

Syracuse went on a 4-1 run after which MW took a timeout with 7:41 on the clock holding on to a 48-45 lead.

After the timeout Wolverines scored five points through McGary.A timeout was then called at 3:46 by SO who were behind at a score of 43-45.

At this point results looked in favor of the MW,However Orange did manage a 4-0 run to narrow down their lead. by four points with 1:58 on the clock.

As expected the results during the end of the match went in favor of the Michigan Wolverines.

Final Score/Results

Teams 12Total
Syracuse Orange253156
Michigan Wolverines362561

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