Texas Rangers VS Houston Astros 02/04/2013 Score and Results

Baseball - Texas Rangers VS Houston Astros 02/04/2013 Score,Results and Statistical Highlights

The Baseball match between Texas Rangers and Houston Astros on 02/04/2013 saw Yu Darvish shining as he had a perfect game getting 2 outs in the 9th inning.This was one of my favorite games i watched whole day yesterday.

Statistical Highlights

The highlights of the Texas Rangers Vs Houston Astros Baseball match on 02/04/2013 was undoubtedly Yu Darvish (1-0) who went through the initial four innings and ended up striking out nine which included the side in the second and fourth.

The pitches by Yu Darvish included a fastball which topped 97 MPH,A slider and 9 MPH cutters which the Astros found tough to pick.

Carter hit the ball hard and it was in the air for a long time,at a time where it surely looked like a homer,David Murphy caught it in front of the left center wall.Mitch moreland also picked up a nice catch on a liner by Ankiel for the second out.

The other highlights of the match involved Micheal Kirkman who fanned pinch hitter J.D. Martinez following the single by Jose Altuve.

Lucas Harrell (0-1) run's score of single in the third.He ended with three hits and two RBI'S.

Kinsler hit two homeruns from Rhiner Cruz in the seventh inning to get the score up to 3-0.Texas rangers then added 2 runs in the eight and the ninth inning.

Final Score

Texas Rangers001000222
Houston Astros000000000

What did you think about the score,Results and review of the baseball match between Texas Rangers and Houston Astros on 02/04/2013?I think You Darvish really played well to ensure that the results were in the favor of his team.

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