The Evil Within (Video Game) Announced

The Evil Within (Video Game) Unveiled

The Evil Within

The Resident Evil Creater Shinji Mikami has Unveiled a new survival horror game which will be called as The Evil Within.The game is expected to make its way on the Next Generation consoles,Xbox 360,PC and PlayStation 3.The expected release date of the game is supposed to be sometime in 2014.

A trailer of the game has also been released which shows a man wrapping his body in a barbed  wire and a four armed monster being born through the pool of blood.

As per the Bethesda Japanese site the Evil within is expected to use the latest graphic engine which is called as id Tech 5.The plot of the game will revolve around the exploits of a detective named Sebastian who is whisked away into the world of death and madness during a mass murder investigation.The gameplay involves players surviving with minimum resources and will also feature various traps.

The title is expected to make its return to the classic survival horror games and is expected to be just as enticing as Alone in the dark and a few other horror games released in the past.The environments and the visuals of the title are also expected to be thrilling as its supposed to be out for the next gen consoles as well.

The release date of the game is expected to be sometime in 2014.It will be interesting to see how the developers blend the game with a mixture of classic and modern horror.

What are your thoughts about The Evil Within that has a release date in 2014?


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