The Voice 01/04/2013 Review

The Voice 01/04/2013 Review

I am back with the review of the American reality singing competition 'The Voice' for the episode that took place this week 01/04/2013.The show saw some great singers trying to impress the judges but the surprise element of The Voice on 01/04/2013 was when Blake Shelton told a country star 'Savannah Berry' that he will adopt her.

Blake Shelton,Adam Levine and Shakira turned their chairs after Savannah came to the stage and sang 'safe and sound'.
The Voice

After Savannah confessed that of her musical inspirations were Miranda,the look on Adam Levine's face said it all as he knew it was all over.
Shakia however did voice out her opinion by saying that Blake and Adam both were jaded and almost deaf respectively.The funny part of the segment of The Voice 01/04/2013 was when Blake actually removed his wedding ring and said that he was actually married to Miranda Lambert.

Blake further went on to say how he was having dinner with his wife and  Jennifer Nettles,the lead singer of sugarland who just had a baby.He then said that Savannah was just 17 a very adoptable age,to which her dad backstage told Blake he cannot have her.

In between Adam Levine said 'She doesn't need Parenting,She needs Coaching'

Well by the looks of it Blake ended up getting  Savannah to his team.

There were many other talented singers present at the show as well.Usher seemed to love the performance by Orlando Dixon at The Voice 01/04/2013.

Orlando performed to the track 'So Sick' by Neo.Usher however waited until the last second before he turned his chair.

Orlando confessed to being a big Usher fan.Usher complimented him by saying he had a great tone and was 'Diamond in the rough'.

Those who got selected

Team AdamTeam BlakeTeam ShakiraTeam Usher
Patrick DoddSavannah BerryC.PerkinsAudrey Karrasch
Agina AlvarezTrevor DavisOrlando Dixon

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