The Voice 09/04/2013 Review

The Voice Season 4 - 09/04/2013 Review

The Voice
The Voice Season 4 Episode on 09/04/2013 was the last episode of the blind auditions.The show was supposed to be exciting as all the judges had a spot to fill in each of their teams.The show also saw a heated argument between Shakira and Usher.

The show on 09/04/2013 saw a variety of emotions right from Shakira getting a bit sassy when Usher when he tried to lay hands on the contestant she wanted to Blake almost crying when he completed getting the final member of his team.

Review of The Voice Season 4 Episode on 09/04/2013

Luke Edgemon Review

Luke Edgemon was the reason behind the fight between Shakira and Usher at the Voice 09/04/2013.Edgemon who was the former backup singer for Queen Latifah and Mary J Blige sang the song 'I Can't make you love me' and really dominated the song.At this point only Usher and Shakira were looking for the final contestants within their team.

Shakira told Luke that she would love to have him in her team.She further also said that Luke might be thinking Usher is his man but she would teach Luke to be great.Luke ended up picking Shakira as she completed her team with who looks to be in all probability a top contender within the show.

Jacqui Sandell Review

After Shakira got one who looks to be one of the most powerful singers at Voice 09/04/2013 episode,the other judges still had a spot to fill.Jaqui Sandell who was from Oakland turned Blake and Usher's seat as she sang the song 'Dreams' she ended up being in Blake's team.

Amber Keratin Review

Amber Keratin sang the song 'No Good Girl' at The Voice 09/04/2013 and she did great.Adam was the only one who turned and she ended up being on Adam's team.Blake's jealousy during this segment of the show was hilarious.Its moments such as these that makes a show such as The Voice one of the most entertaining shows as there is more involved than just singing to make a show complete.

Jessica Childress Review

At this point during The Voice 09/04/2013 Episode it was only Usher who was looking to complete his team.He chose a powerful singer who goes by the name Jesicca Childress.

The teams are now complete and the blind auditions are over.It will be interesting to see how the show turns out to be from next week when these contestants actually get coached by the big guns.

Final List of contestants announced at The Voice 09/04/2013

Team BlakeTeam AdamTeam ShakiraTeam Usher
Jacqui SandellSasha AllenBrandon RoushChelsea Monindroo
Holly TuckerPatrick DoddGarrett GardnerMichelle Chamuel
The Swon BrosRyan Hayes (Midas Whale)Mark AndrewJeff Lewis
Michelle RaitzinMichael AustinCraig PerkinsJosiah Hawley
Grace Askew, BlakeJudith HillLuke EdgemonVedo
Christian PorterSarah SimmonsShawna PierceAudrey Karrasch
Trevor DavisAgina AlvarezJason AshJess Kellner
The Morgan TwinsKarina IglesiasCatherine OchoaJessica Childress
Danielle BradberyJon Peter Lewis (Midas Whale)Kris ThomasRyan Innes
Savannah BerryWarren Stone;Tawnya ReynoldsTaylor Beckham
Justin RiversDuncan KamakanaMary MirandaOrlando Dixon.
Caroline GlaserAmber CarringtonMonique AbbadieJamilia Thompson
Amy Whitcomb

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