The Voice 15/04/2013 - Results,Review and Recap

The Voice 15/04/2013 - Battle Rounds - Results,Review and Recap

The Voice Blind auditions came to an end last week and we are all set for battle,where the coaches pair their contestants and challenge them to out sing the other in a sudden death duet.The Voice is about to get more interesting from this week.Read on for the Review and Recap of the Singing talent competition 'The Voice' that aired on 15/04/2013.

The Voice 15/04/2013 -  Battle Rounds: Results,Review and Recap

The voice 15/04/2013 was the first time for the new judges Usher and Shakira to be in such a situation as they were not a part of the show last year.There is no doubt they are two of the most well known popular singers,so it will be interesting to see how their coaching shows through their contestants.
The Voice

Team Adam: Amber Carrington VS Sasha Allen Performance - Results,Review and Recap

Song Performed: Try

When Amber Carrington came in to face Sasha Allen at The Voice 15/04/2013 they had a guest mentor Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum.After they both performed Adam claimed that he thought if he paired Sasha with Amber,Sasha would wipe the floor with her.Adam went ahead with Amber.

Shakira and Usher didn't waste any time to press the button to steal Sasha away.Shakira claimed it would be a big loss to loose a powerhouse this early in the show.Sasha chose Shakira after she thought about it for a while and got a suggestion from her daughter in the audience.

Team Shakira: Garrett Gardner VS. J'Sun Performance  - Results,Review and Recap (15/04/2013)

Song Performed: How You Like Me Now

Garrett Gardner's performance against J'Sun at The Voice 15/04/2013 was a power packed one.Both the contestant's had a lovely stage presence and had plenty to offer.Shakira ended up choosing Garrett Gardner which resulted in J'Sun going home.

Team Blake: Holly Tucker VS Michelle Raitzin Performance - Results,Review and Recap 

Song Performed: Blown Away

During the Holly Tucker's performance against Michelle Raitzin at The Voice 15/04/2013,Sheryl crow offered her tips but both the voices seemed to be somewhat similar.Michelle lost her breath and it was all downhill after that.Blake chose Country Genre singer Holly.

Team Usher: Jess Kellner VS. Taylor Beckham Performance - Results,Review and Recap

Song Performed: You Know I'm No Good

Jess Kellner and Taylor Beckham's performance at The Voice 15/04/2013 with the singers performing the song 'You Know I'm No Good' was almost similar.Usher ended up choosing Jess,which resulted in Blake stealing Taylor.

Team Blake: Christian Porter Vs Swon Brothers Performance: Results,Review and Recap

Song Performed: Wont Back Down

The performance between Christian Porter and Swon Brothers on 15/04/2013 saw the Swon brothers performing brilliantly with a lot of energy.Blake had an idea that he would chose them as first duo to make it past the battles.

Team Adam: Judith Hill VS Karina Iglesias: Results,Review and Recap (15/04/2013)

Song Performed: Its a Man's World

The final duet saw two contestants performing exceeding well which ended with the judges giving them a standing ovation.Blake Shelton also said that Adam was stupid as the battle is not supposed to sound this good.Levine chose Judith and Shakira used up both her steals by stealing Karina as her second steal within the first night of the battle.

Final Results:

  • Shakira Stole Karina Iglesias and Sasha Allen
  • Blake Stole Taylor Beckham
I will be back with my review,recap and results from The Voice Battle Rounds after the next episode airs.

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