The Voice S04E08 16/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

The Voice S04E08 16/04/2013 - Battle Rounds Results,Recap and Review

The Voice battle rounds have now officially started,before i get into what went down on 16/04/2013 let me give you a recap of what happened on Monday night.The first battle rounds show saw Shakira finishing up both her options of stealing contestants as she got hold of Karina Iglesias and Sasha Allen.Blake stole Taylor Beckham.Adam was criticized for making a huge mistake by getting two best contestants Judith Hill and Karina Iglesias in for a battle against each other which tempted Shakira to finish up both her steals within the first night of the battle rounds itself.Read on for  The Voice S04E08 16/04/2013 - Battle Rounds - Recap and Review.

Results,Recap and Review (16/04/2013)
The Voice

On 16/04/2013 at The Voice S04E08 Battle Rounds episode a total of 12 singers came onto the stage with dreams of making it big.As the show goes there were only 7 who ended up advancing into the next round of this American singing talent competition.Lets take a closer look at the performances and the steals that took place at The Voice S04E08 Battle Rounds on 16/04/2013.

Battle Rounds: Team Adam - Warren Stone VS Michael Austin Performance -  Results,Review and Recap (16/04/2013)

Song performed: My Kinda Party

The performance between Warren Stone and Michael Austin at The Voice S04E08 on 16/04/2013 was a big challenge for Adam as he had never worked with a Country singer before.The battle was expected to be intense.

The performance was not very impressive,the choice of song probably might have let them down.Blake Shelton during a point of the performance also described it as watching a 'Wrestling match'

Results/Winner: Warren Stone

Battle Rounds: Team Usher - Jeff Lewis VS Josiah Hawley Performance - Results,Review and Recap (16/04/2013)

Song Performed: Roxanne by The Police

The performance of Jeff Lewis and Josiah Hawley at The Voice S04E08 on 16/04/2013 saw both of them struggle within the music department.Team Usher's mentor Pharrell Williams offered some advise but it didn't seem to help them.

Usher didn't look amused when he saw Jeff laugh off the mistake.He said 'Sigh,if only he could get the biebs in line this way'.

Results/Winner:Josiah Hawley

Battle Rounds:Team Blake Shelton: Grace Askew VS Travis Davis Performance - Results,Review and Recap (16/04/2013)

Song Performed: Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin

The performance between Grace Askew and Travis Davis at the voice S04E08 was shown in a one minute footage.Blake Chose Grace after the performance.

Results/Winner: Grace Askew

Battle Rounds: Team Usher - Audrey Karrasch VS Jamilia Thompson - Results,Review and Recap

Song Performed: If i were a boy by Beyonce

The performance between Audrey Karrasch and Jamilia Thompson saw User choose Audrey,this was despite Jamilia singing Beyonce for the blind auditions.

Results/Winner: Audrey Karrasch

Battle Rounds: Team Shakira - Tawnya Reynolds VS Mark Andrew - Results,Review and Recap

Song Performed: Fleetwood Mac's The Chain

The Team Shakira which included a  performance between Tawnya Reynolds and Mark Andrew at The Voice S04308 on 16/04/2013 saw Shakira choose Tawnya.The performance was once again shown in a one minute footage.

Results/Winner: Tawnya Reynolds

Battle Rounds:Team Blake Shelton: Danielle Bradbery VS Caroline Glaser - Performance - Results,Review and Recap

The performance between Daniel Bradbery and Caroline Glaser at The Voice S04E08 ON 16/04/2013 was an interesting one as despite both the ladies struggling to impress the coach earlier,blew everyone away at the battle rounds.Shakira said their performance was refreshing as tangerine.Adam also commented as he confessed that he felt like kicking himself for not noticing her talent during the blind auditions.Blake selected Daniel but Adam and Usher pressed the button to steal after which Caroline picked team Adam.

Hope you enjoyed the recap,review and results of the voice on 16/04/2013.I will be back next week with review of another episode.

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