The Voice 22/04/2013 - Battle Rounds - Recap and Review

The Voice 22/04/2013 - Battle Rounds - Recap and Review

The Voice on 22/04/2013 was the second week into the battle rounds in which the contestants tried fighting their way through to survive and those who didn't either left the show or were lucky enough to be stolen by the other Judges.Read on for the complete Recap and Review of what exactly went down in this US hit Singing talent competition that aired on 22/04/2013.

Review and Recap - Battle Rounds - The Voice 22/04/2013

If you remember Shakira had already finished using her steals within the first episode of the voice battle rounds itself which left Blake Shelton,Adam Levine and Usher still with a chance of stealing a contestant whom they might like at The Voice 22/04/2013.Lets dive deep into the steals and the performances of the contestants tonight.

Team Usher: Jessica Childress and Vedo - Battle Rounds - Review and Recap

Song Performed: Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Jessica and Vedo's performance at the Voice on 22/04/2013 was filled with emotions.Especially since both the contestants were coming after they lost a bit in their life (Jessica's Job and Vedo's mother.)Jessica had a tough time as she didn't look too comfortable with the song's range during the rehersal.

Usher and Pharrell williams however comforted her as they said she sounded great in this range.This compliment seemed to motivate Childress as she did quite well in her actual performance.Vedo on the other hand performed a lot better throughout the song.Usher ended up selecting vedo at The Voice 22/04/2013 and no steals were offered to Jessica.

Team Usher: Orlando Dixon and Ryan Innes - Battle Rounds - Review and Recap

Song PerformedAin't No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Orlando Dixon and Ryan Innes performance against each others was one of the most memorable moments at The Voice.Dixon's additional session with Usher and Pharell where he was asked put a lot more to the song emotionally rather than being technically correct while singing it on 22/04/2013 didn't seem to help him as Usher ended up choosing Ryan but Orlando got to stay as he was stolen by Adam Levine.

Team Shakira: Luke Edgemon and Monique Abbadie -  Review and Recap

Song Performed: You and I by Lady Gaga

The battle rounds between Luke Edgemon /Monque Abaddie and C Perkins/ Chris Thomas saw Shakira use Lady Gaga's song "You and I" on 22/04/2013.

Looking at the performance Luke seemed to perform better but Shakira realized it would be more strategic if she keeps monique in her team which ended up making Blake and Usher use their steal card.Luke decided to go in Blake's team

Team Shakira: Chris Thomas and C Perkins - Battle Rounds - Review and Recap

Song performed: It will Rain by Bruno Mars

Both the performers did quite well during the rehearsals but were not as good during their actual performance.Shakira ended up keeping Chris at The Voice 22/04/2013 as Usher pressed the Steal button to  get C Perkins on his side.

Team Blake: Jacqui Sandell and Savannah Berry - Battle Rounds - Review and Recap

Song Performed: Little white Church by Little big Town

The song chosen seemed to suit Savannah more as she was more into country music that Jacqui.Sandell was confident enough before her performance as she claimed she will win the round but sadly she lost with no mentor interested to steal her on The Voice 22/04/2013.

Team Adam: Patrick Dodd and Midas Whale - Battle Rounds - Review and Recap

Song Performed: Burning Love by Elvis Presley
The final performance of the night was Patrick against Midas.The performance saw Midas being selected by Adam and Patrick making his way to the exit with no mentors pressing the steal button.That's it for the review and recap of the battle rounds of the Voice on 22/04/2013.I will be back after the next episode airs.

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