The Voice 23/04/2013 - Final Battle Rounds - Recap and Review

The Voice 23/04/2013 - Final Battle Rounds - Recap and Review

The Voice Monday night saw a lot of dreams broken but among the Broken dreams were a few of the contestants who either got stolen or were shown the Door.The Voice 23/04/2013 was the final Battle Rounds Episode,So lets take a look at the Recap and Review of what went down at the US reality singing talent competition that aired on Tuesday night.

Recap and Review - The Voice 23/04/2013

TelevisionThe Monday Night episode of The Voice saw a few great performances and a few that were not that good,Within the performances were a few contestants who were both good despite facing each Other.The episode saw Adam Levine steal Orlando Dixon.Blake Shelton steal Luke Edgemon and Usher getting a hold of C Perkins.Lets now take a closer look at performance reviews of the Show that aired on Tuesday Night (23/04/2013) which was the Final Battle Rounds.

Team Shakira: Final Battle Rounds - Brandon Raush VS Shawna P Recap

Song Performed: Piece of My Heart

The first performance of the night was from Team Shakira who put a couple of strong singers against each other.There was a notable age difference between both the contestants.Shawna also said that she would be very frustrated if she lost to a 19 year old,Both their performances were great on 23/04/2013 but Shawna's voice was better while singing as she looked to be in control.This prompted Shakira to save Shawna.

Team Adam: Final Battle Rounds - Duncan Kamakana VS Sarah Simmons Recap

Song Performed: Wanted you More

Before their performance on 23/04/2013,both the singers were told to focus more on diction and control while singing.While they performed,Sarah was more dominant which prompted Blake to say she is one his favorite singers of all time.This resulted in Adam Levine saving Sarah at Final battle rounds of The Voice.

A few battle Rounds at The Voice 23/04/2013 were shown in short snippets.Usher chose Michelle Chamuel,Levine Chose Amy Whitchomb and Blake Shelton chose Justin Rivers.

Team Shakira: Final Battle Rounds - Cathia Vs Mary Miranda- Recap

Song Performed: Antes De Las Seis

The next performance included a Latin Sing off.Shakira said she was happy with the performance but it broke her heart to choose one.She then chose Mary over Cathia.

Usher ended up pressing the steal button after this performance at the Battle Rounds of the Voice 23/04/2013.That's about it for my recap and review from the show that aired on tuesday night.Hope you enjoyed it.Next week,The Voice will begin with its Knockout Rounds which will include two singers singing different songs after which one will be eliminated.

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