The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

The Voice 29/04/2013 - Recap and Review (Knockout Rounds)

The Voice 29/04/2013 once again proved why it's getting the highest ratings with another brilliant show that showcased a few of the best going at it during the knockout auditions in this American reality television singing competition.Read on for The Voice 29/04/2013 results,recap and Review.

The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review (Knockout Rounds)

TelevisionThe show saw the best facing off against the best which made it very difficult for the judges to decide on whom to actually pick.The competition has reached at a very critical stage where no matter how good the singers are,they can end up getting Eliminated.

The Voice 29/04/2013 featured the first Knockout Rounds where every artist prepares for a song of their choice and their coach end up pairing them up without a warning.As interesting as the rules of the rounds sound,so was the Performances.Lets now take a closer look at results,Recap and Review of all the teams on The Voice 29/04/2013.

Amber Vs Midas Whale - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

First up at the Voice auditions were Team Adam's Amber Carrington and the Duo Midas Whale.Amber chose to sing I'm With You by Avril Lavigne and Midas Whale decided to go with Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground.

As the The Voice Auditions kicked off Amber had a hard time to put convert her country singing talent into a power ballad.Her performances was not that impressive as at times she seemed to be of course.

Midas Whale on the other hand had a lesser involvement within the stage.They seemed to be within a shell and at times didn't look to be very enthusiastic.

The coaches all looked to be very impressed with Usher rooting for the duo and Blake for Amber.Adam seemed to be very impressed with Amber as he ended up choosing her on 29/04/2013.

Garrett Vs Tawnya - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

Team Shakira's Garrett Gardner and Tawnya Reynolds faced off against each other at the Knockout rounds.Garrett decided to perform to the song Too Close by Alex Clare and Tawyna decided to go with Hell on heels by Piston Annies.

Gardner decided to use a guitar while performing and looked really great during the start and had its ups and downs throughout.Reynolds on the other hand chose a good song which impressed Shakira but she chose Gardner by saying that he is an underdog and continues to grow

Amy Vs Caroline - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

We move back to Team Adam where Amy Whitcomb faces off against Caroline Glaser.Amy sings to the song The Animals - House of the rising Sun,Caroline chose to sing Little talks by Monsters and Men.

Both the contestants did very well and it looked hard to choose who Adam will choose.Adam ended up choosing Caroline despite a power packed performance by Glaser.

Kris Vs Mary - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

We are back to Team Shakira,Kris decides to sing What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong whereas Mary decides to sing Every Breath you take by The Police.

Kris is great throughout the song whereas Mary was not that impressive.She had her moments but overall it didn't sound as pleasing as Kris.Shakira as expected decided to choose Kris Thomas

Results/Winner: Kris Thomas

Judith Vs Orlando - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

Back with team Adam we had Judith Hill facing Orlando Dixon.Judith chose to sing Willie Nelson's always on my mind whereas Orlando sang the classic All my life by K-CI & JoJo.They both performed brilliantly but Judith got the upper hand towards the end as she won thanks to her beautiful energy.

Results/Winnier: Judith Hill

Karina Vs Monique - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

A Latin battle from team Shakria saw Karina Iglesias faceoff with Monique Abaddie who chose to sing the song Are you gonna go my way by Lenny Kravitz and The Power of love by Celine Dion respectively.

Monique sounded good but Karina was superb.Despite other judges criticizing Karina for being one dimensional Shakira chose her for her confidence.

Results/Winner: Karina Iglesias

Sarah Vs Warren - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

The final Knockout from Adam teams was going to be between Sarah Simmons or Warren Stone.Warren chose to sing I just died in your arms tonight and Sarah Sang Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones.Both the performances were Superb and the results looked unpredictible but Adam decided to choose Sarah.

Sasha Vs Shawna - Knockout Rounds - The Voice 29/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

The last performance on 29/04/2013 was from Shakira's team in which Sasha Allen faced off against Shawna P who decided to sing Etta James' At last and Paul McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed respectively.Sasha is perfect but shawna is great too.All the coaches end up giving them a compliment but as Sasha is declared the winner.That's it for Monday Night's voice recap.

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