Trance Movie Review and Analysis

Trance Movie Review and Analysis

Trance Movie
The main reason behind me watching the film Trance was because i have liked the movies by the director Danny Boyle in the past.I feel most of his work such as 127 hours,28 days later were a little under rated.The movies did impress many but didn't get the hype it deserved,the plot of Trance revolved around an Art auctioneer who joins a group of criminals to recover a lost painting.I went ahead to watch it because i was pretty bored watching the same old stories,the plot of this looked different.Read on for the Trance Movie Review and analysis.

Trance Review and Analysis

Its very easy for me to write a Review and Analysis of the film spoiling how good it actually is,but don't worry i will try to review this in the best possible way to make sure you don't end up knowing the entire story.

When i speak about this film,it will be very easy for me to say this is the best film made by Danny Boyle but that will not be fair to other great movies such as Slumdog Millionaire,127 hours,28 days later etc.

The main character is named as Simon (James McAvoy) who is a good guy.When he comes to know that a Gang leader named Franck (Vincent Cassell) is looking to steal the painting,he hides it into a safe.This leads in the gang torturing Sam who looses his memory as he suffers Amensia due to a hit on his head.At this point the gang looks to appoint a Hypnotherapist to get Sam's memory back.

The acting by the actors was really good as they compliment the hard work put in by the director which was evident while watching the film.After a long time i can finally say that this is one of the movies i would love to see again.If you liked inception,you would definitely like this but make no mistake this film is not like inception at all.The story of the film is entirely different.

If you haven't watched it,i would recommend you to watch Trance as its good and entertaining.I would give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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