WWE Main Event 10/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 10/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Main Event 10/04/2013 was the first 'Main Event' episode after Wrestlemania 29.The Shield,Brodus Clay,Kofi Kingston,Tensai,Big E Langston,Zack Ryder,Jack Swagger and Yoshi Tatsu were all set for action.Read on for the results,review and analysis

Results,Review and Analysis

The Shield VS Brodus Clay,Kofi Kingston and Tensai -  Results,Review and Analysis

The first match at the WWE Main event 10/04/2013 saw The Shield square off against Brodus Clay,Kofi Kingston and Tensai.There is absolutely no doubt that WWE has big plans for the shield considering the huge victory they achieved during their Wrestlemania 29 match.

The Wrestling match started with Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston Squaring off as the bell rang.After seeing a bit of momentum from Kingston,Tensai and Clay,Kofi was going for his signature move 'SOS' which was reversed as he received a clothesline from Ambrose instead.This sealed the deal for the Shield.Brodus tried to save the match but instead received a spear from Roman Reigns as the match ended with the match in favor of The Shield.

Big E Langston VS Zack Ryder - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match at the WWE main event 10/04/2013 saw Big E square off against Zack Ryder.The results of the match went as expected but Ryder tried his best to give it all he had to Langston.The power that Big E Possesses was no match for Ryder as Langston planted him with a big finisher to win the match.

Jack Swagger VS Yoshi Tatsu - Results,Review and Analysis

Another match at WWE Main event 10/04/2013 saw someone very strong facing an opponent which was quite weaker in comparison to him.The match started with Zeb Coulter coming to the ring with a microphone and introducing himself and Swagger as the real Americans.

Yoshi Tatsu did try retaliating by saying he was all about Boston to which Zeb Coulter began to question his culture.To a point before the match Coulter asked Tatsu why use a chopstick if you can use a fork.Tatsu took an exception and agreed to this.

Just as he agreed and bowed his head down he got a kick and after a bit of a fight and as expected Jack Swagger won the match courtesy of a swagger bomb.

Results of WWE Main Event 10/04/2013

WWE Main event 10/04/2013 Results
The Shield Defeated Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston & Tensai via Pinfall
Big E. Langston Defeated Zack Ryder via Pinfall
Jack Swagger Defeated Yoshi Tatsu via Submission

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