WWE Main Event 17/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 17/04/2013 Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 17/04/2013 was quite entertaining compared to the other episodes.This week's show had its main focus on the intercontinental championship match.Read on for the complete match results,Review and Analysis of the show that took place on Wednesday Night.

Results,Review and Analysis (17/04/2013)

The WWE Main event included a Battle Royal with the winner getting a title shot at Wade Barrett's intercontinental Championship.You will be amazed by the results of the Battle Royal that took place on 17/04/2013.It was good to see the intercontinental championship on the line at a show that airs on Wednesday night.

Battle Royal -WWE Main Event 17/04/2013 - Results and Review

The battle Royal at WWE Main Event 17/04/2013 saw most of the mid card wrestlers trying their best to get a upperhand to receive a title shot against the intercontinental champion Wade Barrett.Eleven guys started in the ring.The Great Khali looked to be the biggest of all as he
eliminated multiple opponents.

It took 6 superstars to eliminate the great khali.Towards the end of the battle Royal the final three who remained were Drew McIntyre,Justin Gabriel and Primo.Gabriel saved himself from being eliminated after he threw McIntyre out of the ring.He eventually did end up winning and earned a title shot against his former Nexus leader Wade Barrett.

Elimination Results (Order)

  1. Jimmy Uso
  2. Yoshi Tatsu
  3. Epico
  4. Jinder Mahal
  5. The Great Khali
  6. Jey Uso
  7. Alex Riley
  8. Santino Marella
  9.  Drew McIntyre
  10. Primo

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett VS Justin Gabriel - Results and Review

 The intercontinental Championship match that took place between Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel at the WWE Main event 17/04/2013 was one of the best matches i have seen at the show.The interesting part of the match was to see how Gabriel performs considering Barrett was his leader when he was a part of Nexus.

The match however ended up with Barrett winning despite Gabriel trying his set of moves such as springboard from the top rope.The match ended with Barrett giving Gabriel a bullhammer before getting the pin.

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