WWE Main Event 24/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 24/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Main event 24/04/2013 included superstars such as The Uso's,The Great Khali,Santino Marella and Mark Henry in Action.The focus of the show was entirely on Mark Henry.Lets now take a closer look at the Results,Review and Analysis of the show that aired on Wednesday.

Results,Review and Analysis (24/04/2013)

Mark HenryThe Show began with JBL interviewing Mark Henry.A footage was shown to by JBL which focused on how he destroyed Sheamus over the past few Weeks.JBL confessed that he had never seen Sheamus decimated to this extent in the WWE.Mark Henry said that Sheamus thought it does not matter how big or bad someone is but he proved him wrong.

JBL at this point repeated what Mark Henry said which made him ask JBL if he was making fun.JBL then said he was a big fan of Mark Henry and would never make fun of him.JBL further said
that he would love seeing Henry in action tonight to which Mark responds positively and said he would take on Two WWE Superstarts at Main Event on 24/04/2013.JBL confessed that the handicap match would be great but the WWE universe has been seeing a lot of it lately so suggested him to face four superstars in a Gauntlet Match after which he will get the respect he deserves.

So at this point a Gauntlet match was set between Mark Henry against four other WWE Superstars on 24/04/2013.

Mark Henry VS The Uso's Results - Main Event - 24/04/2013

When he faced Jimmy Uso all it took for him to put Uso down on 24/04/2013 was a clothesline and a big boot,after which he planted a world's strongest slam to seal the deal and win the match in 58 Seconds.

The next Gauntlet match at WWE main event was against Jey Uso.This matchup was a little longer then before but ended with the results in Henry's favor courtesy of the Worlds Strongest slam once again.

Mark Henry VS Santino Marella Results - Main Event - 24/04/2013

This match was confirmed to have a comic element attached to it but there were a lot of boring chants by the crowd.Santino Delievered some air kicks and tried lifting Henry but that was never going to work.Santino did try fighting back towards the end and also planted a cobra to no avail as henry kicked out and there was once again a world's strongest slam to get the results in his favor comfortably.

Mark Henry VS The Great Khali Results

This match ended with a surprise for me.Everyone knows that Khali is mostly used these days just to fill up the timespace between most of the main matches but this match at the WWE Main event on 24/04/2013 was interesting.After a bit of wrestling between the two towards the end Henry walked off from the ring and lost via count out as Khali won the match.

Towards the end of WWE Main Event 24/04/2013 Matt Striker introduced Zeb coulter and asked him how he feels about Swagger being in a triple threat match.Zeb said that Jack just like America will prevail.After a bit more of thrash talk it was announced that Jack Swagger will face Dolph Ziggler in a no DQ match at Smackdown.

Quick Results of WWE Main Event 24/04/2013

WWE Main Event 24/04/2013 Results
Gauntlet Match 1: Mark Henry Defeated Jimmy Uso Via Pinfall @ 0.58
Gauntlet Match 2: Mark Henry Defeated Jey Uso Via Pinfall @ 2.33
Gauntlet Match 3 : Mark Henry Defeated Santino Marella Via pinfall @ 3:53
Gauntlet Match 4: The Great Khali Defeated Mark Henry Via Countout

What are your thoughts about the Results,Review and Analysis of WWE Main Event that aired on 24/04/2013?

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