WWE Raw 01/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 01/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Raw 01/04/2013 kicked off with a video showing top Wrestlemania 29 matches that are scheduled to take place.Shawn Michaels was also a part of the show on 01/04/2013.The first segment of  Raw 01/04/2013 showed John Cena speaking to the WWE universe.Cena spoke about how how he is going to defeat The Rock at WWE Wrestlemania 29.Cena also claimed that they both don't like each other and the time of Childish games was over.He further said how he dealt with the situation right from when Rock won the championship until he changed the title belt.John Cena got a lot of Boos from the crowd but said that this time he will win the match as Rock's time is up and his time is now.
The Undertaker

Moving on further at WWE Raw 01/04/2013,after results of the match between 3MB and Randy Orton,Sheamus and Big Show were announced,The Shield made an appearance in the Crowd.Dean Ambrose claimed that the Shield will leave Orton,Sheamus and Show lying on their backs at WWE Wrestlemania 29.During RAW on 01/04/2013 Roman Reigns also claimed that the whole world will start believing in The Shield post WWE wrestlemania 29.

A footage of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter was also shown at WWE Raw 01/04/2013,where they both spoke about Swagger winning the Championship.

The next segment at the WWE Raw 01/04/2013 involved the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels,he spoke about how Triple H had put his life on the line as his career was his life.Triple H also made his way to the ring to tell Shawn he will not be able to talk him out of the match.Shawn Michaels further said that he was not at WWE Raw 01/04/2013 to do that,he said he will be at Triple H's corner at Wrestlemania 29 and told triple h,that he better make sure the results go in his favor.Brock Lesnar's music then hit and out he came with Paul Heyman.Heyman asked Shawn Michaels if he was sure that he wanted to be that close to Lesnar,to which Michaels removed his Shirt and was ready to fight.Heyman hyped about Lesnar and also claimed how Triple H had committed a professional suicide.Before the segment ended he said that HHH will not be able to walk but will crawl his way back after his WWE Wrestlemania 29 match against Brock Lesnar on Sunday and guaranteed the results will be  in Lesnar's favor at Wrestlemania.

A backstage segment at Raw showed Santino Marella interrupting Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox.Santino Claimed that Vince McMahon was present at WWE Raw 01/04/2013 and had just stormed out of the building.He said he was upset as he does not like when Vince is mad as he fires people.He later came in to say it was an April Fool's joke.

After the results of the Mark Henry and Santino Marella were announced at Raw 01/04/2013 out came Ryback.Henry told Ryback that he has no right to threaten him and reminds him of their no contract clause until WWE wrestlemania 29.Ryback picked up Santino and threw him on Mark Henry to get a bit of satisfaction without violating the clause.

A backstage segment at WWE Raw on 01/04/2013 showed Punk with the urn being interviewed by Matt Striker.Punk spoke about how he is going to do things no one has ever done before at Wrestlemania.To get more heat from the WWE universe the segment ended with Punk saying just like the streak of Paul Bearer waking up every morning was over,he will end the streak of undertaker and he then kissed the Urn.

After the results of Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Coulter ended in Rio being disqualified,The next segment of WWE Raw involved The Rock,who as usual got a great reaction from the crowd.He spoke about how Sunday was not about redemption or passing the torch,as it was about him kicking John Cena all over the arena.He also spoke about how he gave Cena a Rock Bottom last week and said Cena's time is not now it is never.He also further claimed that Cena will not be able to deny the will of people and neither can be stop Rock from winning again.

After the results of Chris Jericho and Antonio Cesaro's match went in Jericho's favor at Raw,Fandango came out to the ring and beat him from behind.Fandango yelled at him and got on his face as the officials ran to check on Chris Jericho's well being.

The last and the most important segment at WWE Raw 01/04/2013 saw Undertaker speaking about CM Punk.Taker spoke about how Punk's title reign lasted for over 400 days but his pain at Wrestlemania 29 will last for eternity.Taker further said that his streak might end at Wrestlemania 29 but Punk might not live to talk about it.The lights then went dim and a few druids with torches make their way towards the ring.

The famous quote of Paul Bearer 'Oh yes' was then heard around the arena.When the lights came back on Paul Heyman was dressed as Paul Bearer with urn in his hand waiting at the stage.This obviously angered taker as he went towards Heyman.Taker looked at the druids and knocked one out and let go of another.CM Punk was one of the druids and he started attacking taker with the Urn which was tossed to him by Paul Heyman and yelled at taker saying its over and claimed that the results of Punk's match against the taker will go in his favor.He then poured the ashes out of the urn on the Undertaker and rubbed it over his body before WWE Raw went off air.

Results of WWE Raw 01/04/2013

WWE Raw 01/04/2013 Results
Randy Orton Big Show and Sheamus Defeated 3MB
Dolph Ziggler defeated Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett defeated Zack Ryder
Mark Henry Defeated Santino Marella
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Zeb Coulter
Chris Jericho Defeated Antonio Cesaro
The Bella Twins Defeated Cameron and Naomi

Review and my reaction to the results of WWE Raw 01/04/2013

  • Almost all the results were as expected and there were no surprises which showed something out of the ordinary.
  • The results of the Randy,Big Show and Sheamus were as expected and so was the WWE Raw match between Ziggler and Bryan
  • However one thing i didn't understand at Raw 01/04/2013 was what exactly are wwe planning to do with Wade Barrett.
  • The results of the Raw 01/04/2013 match between Jericho and Cesario was a little unexpected,i thought WWE Will plan to go into wrestlemania showing Cesario having an advantage.
  • Mark Henry against Santino Marella results at Raw 01/04/2013 was something anyone would expect.This storyline i have to admit was very predictable.
Its already 01/04/2013 and we are now just 6 days away from the grandest stage of them all.what are your expectations from wrestlemania 29?

What did you think about the results,Review and analysis of WWE Raw on 01/04/2013?

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