WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Raw 22/04/2013 kicked off with a preview of the six man tag match and a recap of Ryback and John Cena's faceoff from last week.One of the most anticipated matches of the night was Tell Hell No and the Undertaker Vs The Shield.Read on for the complete Results,Review and Analysis of what went down on 22/04/2013.

Results,Review and Analysis - WWE Raw (22/04/2013)

This Week's Raw took place in London,England and started with Paul Heyman in the ring who introduced himself and got a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe.He said that he was there to advocate Brock Lesnar.He further spoke about how Lesnar Destroyed 3MB last week and challenged Triple H for a match at extreme rules.Heyman also went on to say that he had received an Email from Triple H,who said he wont be present tonight at WWE Raw 22/04/2013 but will answer the challenge Next week.

After heyman speaks against hhh even more,Triple H's music hits and out he comes.He told Heyman he had lied in the email and to tell Brock Lesnar he accepts the challenge.He then hits heyman with a pedigree on 22/04/2013.

R-Truth VS Antonio Cesaro -WWE Raw 22/04/2013 -  Results and Review

The first wrestling match to kick off Raw was between R-Truth and Antonio Cesaro.The match started with Cesaro taking control initially but R Truth fought out with a Clothesline.After Truth missed the Scissors kick,after which he used a facebuster which gave him a two count.Truth towards the end of the match ran into a knee but countered it to hit the finisher to win the match on 22/04/2013.

After the results of the match were announced a helicopter was shown arriving somewhere.It was the Shield in the helicopter who sit in a range rover and make their way towards the WWE arena.

Brodus Clay VS Damien Sandow - WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results and Review

Brodus Clay was about to face Damien Sandow in the next match at WWE Raw 22/04/2013.During the start of the match Clay hit a big clothesline and heatbutts to the back of Sandow and also gave him a scoop slam and an elbow drop,which resulted in a 2 count.After a few more moments of domination Clay seemed to be distracted by Cody Rhodes in the apron and as he chased him,Sandow hit him with a cheap shot to rollup for a win.

After the results,Dolph Ziggler was shown backstage talking to his WWE World heavyweight championship.AJ Lee then walked up.Ziggler told Lee that she should have a little of her own as the title will look better on AJ than Kaitlyn.Thet then picked on Kaitlyn with Big E Langston standing there.Dolph told him to stop creeping after which Langston walked off.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox then walked up.If Ziggler looses his match against Jericho at WWE Raw 22/04/2013,Jericho will then be a part of the title match at extreme rules which will make the match a fatal fourway.

The Shield appear on the big screen next and Seth Rollins says they have gone through a lot to be at the WWE Raw arena tonight.Dean Ambrose spoke about the undertaker and said he will know what justice tastes like tonight after the results of the match show a victory in favor of The Shield.

Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results and Review

This Wrestling match went back and fourth as the stakes were high.There was an  interference from Big E Langston as well.Towards the end of the match when Jericho had his finisher 'The Walls of Jericho' locked in,Fandango's music hit which distracted the 'Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla' as Ziggler gave him a zig zag to win at WWE Raw 22/04/2013.

Post Results,a footage of Ryback,Cena and The Shield was shown from last week.

Josh Matthews was backstage with Mick Foley who said Ryback will have no excuses when he faces Cena in Four weeks and walks off.

Tensai Vs Cody Rhodes - WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results and Review

Tensai came out to the ring with Cameron,Naomi and Brodus Clay.Tensai Blocked a disaster kick from Rhodes and gave him a slam as he had the results in his favor after he won the match via pinfall at WWE Raw on 22/04/2013.

The next segment at WWE Raw showed Kane and Bryan backstage.Bryan asked if taker was there yet so they could have a strategy when they face the Shield.Kane said Taker doesn't take orders and not to worry about the Brothers of Destruction and also told him not to hug Taker.Out of nowhere,Kane and Bryan were attacked  by the Shield.

Backstage at Raw 22/04/2013 Josh Matthews interviewed Ryback and asked about him about watching The Shield beat down John Cena last week.Ryback said he wanted to meet Mick Foley later tonight.

Zack Ryder VS Big E Langston - WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results and Review

The match started with Langston giving a backdrop to Zack Ryder and gives him body shots in the corner.Ryder tried a reversal which didn't work for him as the match at WWE Raw 22/04/2013 ended with a huge Clothesline and finisher to Ryder for the results to go in  Big E Langston's direction.

The Shield VS The Undertaker and Team Hell No - Results and Review

One of the most anticipated matches of the night was The Shield against The Undertaker and Team Hell No.The Results of this match at WWE Raw 22/04/2013 were surprising as The Shield won the match after Bryan went for a headbutt but Ambrose reversed it to win the match via pinfall.

Post the results of the match,The Shield made their way back via the crowd as Undertaker and Kane stared on.

Fandango Vs William Regal - WWE Raw 22/04/2013 - Results and Review

We rarely see William Regal in action,he was tonight at WWE Raw on 22/04/2013.This was one of the shortest matches and the results were a expected as the match ended with Fandango planting his finisher on Regal after giving him a cheap shot.

After the match results,Just as Fandango was dancing up the stage he was attacked from behind by none other than Chris Jericho.He threw Fandango off the stage as the crowd chanted him name.

Chris Jericho then extended his hand to Summer Rae who was also with Fandango.After hesitating a bit she agreed as they dance to Fandango's music.

Diva's Battle Royal: Naomi,Tamina Snuka,Aksana,Layla and AJ Lee - Results and Review

The Bella twins were banned from the battle royal match at WWE Raw 22/04/2013 because they were had cheated last week.Asksana was the first one to get eliminated.Layla and Naomi tried eliminating Tamina but she managed to escape.Naomi was the next one eliminated.AJ hanged on and Eliminated Layla to pull the results and the number one contender tag to her favor.

After the Battle Royal Results,Mick Foley came out to the ring with Steel Chair and called out Ryback.Foley said that if Ryback unleashed his best he might not get back up.Foley also hoped that a few words he told to Ryback will hopefully sink in.He further asked him where was the man who came into the WWE Last year and took it by Storm.Ryback said he knows what he did last week by watching Cena beat down and loved it.He got a title shot and went on to call the fans stupid.

Ryback also went on to say that Mick Foley likes to put his nose in other people's business and called him a fat pathetic lazy bastard.He also asked Foley how the steel chair was going to help him.Just as Mick Foley dropped the mic and got ready to fight,Ryback smacked him and tossed the chair out of the ring.John Cena then came out to the ring and Foley exited.The Shields music then hit as they came through the crowd.Cena backed out and wached from the apron.He goes towards the ramp as the Shield surround the ring.

The Shield attacked Ryback after which Cena came with a steel chair and made the save.Ryback and Cena then cleaed the ring as The Shield watched from the crowd.Cena then lifted Ryback for the attitude adjustment and stood over Ryback.WWE Raw 22/04/2013 went off air with John Cena and Ryback just like last week staring each other down.

The results of the match between Shield and team hell no and undertaker at WWE Raw 22/04/2013 was the most surprising one i have seen in a long time as we seldom see Undertaker lose.

Results of WWE Raw 22/04/2013

WWE Raw 22/04/2013 Results
R Truth Defeated Antonio Cesaro
Damien Sandow Defeated Brodus Clay
Dolph Ziggler Defeated Chris Jericho
Tensai Defeated Cody Rhodes
Big E Langston Defeated Zack Ryder
The Shield Defeated Undertaker and Team Hell No
Fandango Defeated William Regal
AJ Lee won the Diva's Battle Royal

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