WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 29/04/2013 started with Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio making their way towards the ring.It was announced that the results of the match between Zeb Colter,Big E Langston and Ricardo Rodriguez will decide the stipulation of the World heavyweight championship match at Extreme Rules.Read on for the complete WWE Raw 29/04/2013 Results,Review and Analysis.

WWE Raw 29/04/2013 Results,Review and Analysis

Big E Langston Vs Zeb Colter Vs Ricardo Rodriguez - Results,Review and Analysis

The match between Colter,Rodriguez and Big E started with Zeb going towards the apron which left Langston to face off with Ricardo.Langston dominated most parts of the match and also at a point teamed up with Zeb Colter to beat up Ricardo.

Towards the end of the match at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 an interference from Alberto Del Rio,Dolph Ziggler,AJ Lee and Jack Swagger results in Ricardo Rodriguez coming out victorious after AJ Lee breaks Colters pin on Rodriguez.

Another match announced for the night at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 was John Cena against The Shield.It is also revealed at this point that John Cena is suffering from an Achilles Injury which makes the commentators wonder if he will be able to compete tonight.

Make a Wish Segment - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Review and Analysis

Cena comes out to the ring alongside many kids and their parents from Make-A-Wish foundation.He speaks about world wish day at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 as he introduces Jacob,Nicholas and Logan.He further says that their wish was to come to watch Raw and he also let the WWE Universe know that they can visit Wish.Org/WWE and help out.It is further revealed that tonight these three kids will be the Honorary WWE Superstars.He introduces the new WWE Stars as Jacob who is the eliminator,Nick who chose to be called as Nick The Stitch and Logon who chose to be called as Lightning Logon.WWE universe cheers as Cena asks them to cheer louder for these wonderful kids.

Cody Rhodes Vs Randy Orton - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match at WWE Raw was Cody Rhodes against Randy Orton.The match went back and forth throughout but the results went in the direction of Orton after he planted two DDT'S and gets set for an RKO.Despite Rhodes able to Block the RKO,Orton eventually manages to reverse the disaster kick to his own finisher to end the match.

After the end of the match at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 Matt Striker spoke to Randy Orton who is still being haunted by The Big Show who turned on him at WWE Wrestlemania 29.He claimed that as a result of Show's actions he has been more focused and extreme than he was ever before.Cody Rhodes was just about to get up at this point but got an RKO by Orton.

Brie Bella Vs Naomi - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match up shows Brie Bella facing off against Naomi.A video snippet of the upcoming Diva's show that will air on E! Network in June is shown.

Just as most of the Diva's matches this was a short one too going back and forth pretty quickly but a twin switch in the end results in Brie Bella walking home victorious.

Cameron complains to the referee which prompts him to call the Bellas back to the ring and announces the winner/results in favor of Naomi by DQ.The segment ends with a brawl between Cameron and Naomi and the Bellas.

The Shield's segment - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Review and Analysis

Seth Rollins,Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns make their way to the ring through the crowd.They speak about how they have broken down the Injustices in WWE since they arrived at the Survivor Series.Rollins claimed that no one has been able to stop them and further claimed to have changed the WWE history after stopping Ryback from becoming the WWE Champion.A few pictures of Shield's dominance are then shown.

3MB's interference - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 

After The Shield trash talk a little more,3MB'S music hits and out comes Heath Slater,Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.Slater tells them to Shut up and says they have some unfinished business with the Shield.3MB Further claimed that the Shield's interruption avoided them from teaching Triple H a lesson as they crashed 3MB'S party last week.

3MB said they were there to crash The Shield's party tonight.They then surround the ring and enter after which a brawl starts.The Shield look to be well in control until Kane's music hits and out he comes with Daniel Bryan.This results in team hell no beating down 3MB as the Shield retreated.

John Cena is shown backstage at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 as he was taping up his foot.Ryback came  towards him and told him no matter how much he tapes it,he is still hurt.Cena claims he's hurt not injured and he is raring to go and further claims to be more effective in one leg than Ryback in two to which Ryback says he will take that chance and walks off.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to the ring with AJ Lee and Big E Langston to face against the WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston.

The match results in AJ Distracting the referee after a crossbody from Kofi after which Big E tries to interfere but fails.Ziggler then rolls up Kofi for a 2 count and the match ended with Dolph Ziggler winning after he planted a Zig Zag after Kofi Missed a big shot from the top rope.

Post match,Big E hit Two finishers on Kofi.

Team Ziggler is then seen walking backstage at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 as they run into Natalya and Kaitlyn which results in an argument between Kaitlyn and AJ about the Divas title.A crew member then brings a gift which AJ thinks is for her but ends up being for Kaitlyn,She gets a matching hat for her bracelet in the ring.She now seems to have a secret admirer.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox talk backstage as Ryback comes in and says he wont face the Shield alone again to which Guerrero says that there will be a six man match - The Shield Vs Ryback,Kane and Daniel Bryan.The news results in Ryback saying that he doesn't trust either of them and shouts and says no as he walks off.

Jack Swagger Vs Zack Ryder - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 was Swagger facing off against Ryder.Swagger looked to be in control for most of the match and nailed a gutwrench powerbomb and a patriot lock which results in Ryder Submitting as he won the match comfortably.

Post Match,Swagger encourages Colter to taunt Ryder for disrespecting him and ends up knocking him with a right hand.

Another backstage segment at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 showed Matt Striker getting ready to interview Ryback but he actually walked out of the building.

Mark Henry's segment - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Review and Analysis

Mark Henry is next seen on the ring with a big rope and a Microphone.Henry said that he wanted to prove that he was the strongest man in the world.Mark further claims that he has already asked Vickie Guerrero for two opponents to face against and asks to bring them out.Tensai is the first one out for a tug of war match.Henry pulls tensai over the line for a comfortable win.

Next out is Brodus Clay and Mark Henry wins this round comfortably as well.Just as he was celebrating the music of Sheamus hits and out he comes.Sheamus says he wants to face Henry in a tug of war and just as they are in between the battle he leaves the rope which ends with Henry falling backwards which results in Sheamus plants a brogue kick on henry when he walks towards him angry.

Another Backstage Segment at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 shows Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero backstage alongside Team Hell No.Ryback had left the building.Kane was upset and ready to battle the Shield no matter what.Vickie says they can still have their match and Whispers something to Brad Maddox.

John Cena is then shown getting ready to go towards the ring when Maddox walks in.Cena says he will not allow Team Hell No face The Shield without a Partner.Maddox said he is hurt bad but Cena says he is not and Brad Maddox will be.He further says he will be fighting tonight as Brad Maddox makes an exit.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Antonio Cesaro - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match at Raw 29/04/2013 sees Del Rio facing off against Antonio Cesaro.The match goes back and forth and results in Del Rio winning after he plants a Cross armbreaker which ends in Cesaro tapping out.

After the match Alberto Del Rio picked up a ladder match as a stipulation for the triple threat match at Extreme Rules.

Fandango Vs The Great Khali Danceoff - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

Next up at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 Fandango and his dancer Summer Rae make their way towards the ring with Great Khali and Natalya already waiting.Jerry Lawler is the Host.Lawler asks Khali about dancing with the stars and how Chris Jericho did to which he responds he can do better.

He then dances with Natalya.Lawler now asks Fandango how Jericho did at DWTS to which he responds he was clumsy.Fandango dances with his partner Summer Rae next.Khali and Natalya end up winning but Fandango attacks Khali from behind and hurts his knee.He goes to the top of the ring and plants a big leg drop on Khali.

John Cena and Team Hell No Vs The Shield - WWE Raw 29/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match at WWE Raw 29/04/2013 was Cena and Hell No vs The Shield with the results going in favor of the Shield once because of Cena's leg giving up on him towards the end while he was going to plant an Attitude Adjustment on Reigns,who then spears him which results in the Shield winning once again.

Post match,Ryback came on the stage as Cena looked to be bothered by the pain as the WWE Raw 29/04/2013 went off air.That's it for the results of the show.

Quick Results of WWE Raw 29/04/2013

WWE Raw 29/04/2013 Results
Ricardo Rodriguez Defeated Big E Langston and Zeb Colter
Randy Orton Defeated Cody Rhodes
Brie Bella Defeated Naomi
Dolph Ziggler Defeated Kofi Kingston
Jack Swagger Defeated Zack Ryder
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Antonio Cesaro
The Shield Defeated John Cena and Team Hell No

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