WWE Smackdown 05/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 05/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Smackdown 05/04/2013 was the last show before we move on to WWE Wrestlemania 29.As we have seen over the years Raw has dominated Friday Night Smackdown but this show was bound to be special considering the Major PPV was just a couple of days away.

The show was a bit short as this week's Episode was taped prior to Raw because of which there was not enough time to put a lot of content.Read on Below for all the Major Results,Review and Analysis of what you can expect.

As i said this week's show had a  few matches but all the Major Superstars were scheduled to entertain the WWE Universe.The superstars involved were Ryback,Primo,Epico,Team Rhodes Scholars,Jack Swagger,Kofi Kingston among many others.

The show started with a match between Ryback and Primo and Epico,there have been a lot of matches in the recent past where Ryback has faced off in a handicap match and dominated.This match was no exception as he won the match easy.He will be facing Mark Henry at Wrestlemania and from what has been happening in the recent past,the results are expected to be in his favor at the grandest stage of it all.

While building towards the hype of Sunday's PPV,a storyline at Smackdown 05/04/2013 showed the Bella Twins cut a promo against their opponents at Wrestlemania 29.As per what i have heard the Bella twins dressed up as adversaries and mocked until Brodus Clay,Sweet T,Cameron and Naomi looked for revenge.

The main event at Smackdown 05/04/2013 saw Jack Swagger face off against Kofi Kingston,This match was just a buildup before Swagger meets Del Rio this sunday.As expected Swagger won the match comfortably just to put doubts in the mind of the WWE universe,who must now be thinking twice before predicting the results of Swagger-Del Rio match on Sunday.

Full results of WWE Smackdown 05/04/2013

WWE Smackdown 05/04/2013 Results
Ryback Defeated Primo & Epico
Jack Swagger Defeated Kofi Kingston

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