WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 which was the first Friday night episode after Wrestlemania 29 included some great matches.If you watched Monday Night Raw you must be aware that Dolph Ziggler is now the new WWE world heavyweight champion after he cashed in his money in the bank contract.He was scheduled to be on Smackdown as well.Read on for the complete results,review and analysis.

Results,Review and analysis - WWE Smackdown - 12/04/2013

The Friday night Smackdown on 12/04/2013 started with the New World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler being introduced to the ring by Big E Langston.He was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio,who seemed to have a leg injury.Del Rio said his leg will heal up soon after which he will get a rematch.Jericho then came out and announced that he would like to challenge Dolph Ziggler for the championship.

Team Hell No VS Prime Time Players - Results,Review and analysis

The match between team Hell No and the prime time players at WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 ended with Daniel Bryan scoring a victory for his team courtesy of a no lock.After the match was over The Shield made their presence felt through the titan tron and said they will not be backing down.If you remember this week's Raw Team Hell No helped Shield retreat when they came to attack The Undertaker.This was probably some kind of a statement.

Wade Barrett VS Santino Marella - Results,Review and analysis

The WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 match between Wade Barrett and Santino Marella was a short lived one and as many would have expected the results went Barrett's way.He won the match quite comfortably.

A backstage segment at WWE Smackdown also saw Sheamus and Randy Orton meeting Booker T and Teddy Long.A match between the Big Show-Randy Orton and sheamus was announced for later on.

The Game Triple H was also a part of WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 but before he could say much he was interrupted by 3MB which was quite unexpected.

The segment ended with 3MB being attacked by Shield who then focused on Triple H.Team hell no once again came out and cleared the ring and also ended up attacking 3MB.

Daniel Bryan has learnt a lot from his anger management Class and that showed as he tried to hug it out with Triple H.The game refused.Vince McMahon then entered and also was not interested in a hug before Triple H finally embraced Team Hell No.

This was a weird segment but a well thought out one and was loved by the crowds who had tons of laugh.

Sheamus and Randy Orton VS Big Show - Results,Review and Analysis

In a match at WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013,Sheamus and Randy Orton were on a lookout for revenge against the big show.The match as expected was a hard fought one.Sheamus's Brogue kick sent Show out of the ring for the disqualification as the results went in favor of Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Kofi Kingston VS Antonio Cesaro - Results,Review and Analysis

Kofi Kingston Vs Antonio Cesaro on WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 ended with Kingston winning a match after a long time.Even though the match was non title it was good to see the results in Kofi's favor as he finally broke his loosing streak.

World Heavyweight Championship - WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013  Main Event - Results,Review and Analysis

The main event at WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 saw Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler faceoff for the championship.Fandango continued his feud with Jericho when he distracted the referee for Big E Langston to lay out Jericho.Ziggler then won the match easily via Pinfall.

Jericho fought back after the match but ended up getting a zigzag from Ziggler and a leg drop from Fandango.

Results of WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013

WWE Smackdown 12/04/2013 Results
Team Hell No Defeated Prime Time Players
Wade Barrett Defeated Santino Marella
Tamina and The Bella Twins defeated Kaitlyn and The Funkadactyls
Sheamus and Randy Orton Defeated Big Show
Kofi Kingston Defeated Antonio Cesaro
World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler Defeated Jericho

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