WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 held on Friday Night was expected to be better than the last week's show considering how good Raw was.The main focus on Monday Night was The Shield's dominance and Ryback-Cena Feud.It was interesting to see how the aftermath of Raw picked up on Friday Night.Read on for the WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 Results,Review and Analysis.

WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

Jack Swagger VS Alberto Del Rio - Results,Review and Analysis

The first match between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio at WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 begun with a twist.The match was no disqualification and had tons of Kendo Sticks,Ladders,Chairs used.The match ended in Swagger's favor after he planted a Gutwrench Powerbomb after hitting Del Rio with a ladder to end the match.

Layla Vs Aksana - Results,Review and Analysis

Just like most of the Divas matches this was another one of those which didn't last long.This Divas match on Smackdown 26/04/2013 ended in Layla's favor.

After the match,The Shield's promo was shown on the titan tron.They bragged about how they won their Six Man tag team match against Team Hell No and The Undertaker.Dean Ambrose announced that he will be taking on the Undertaker one on one later on in his Singles match debut.

Fandango Vs Justin Gabriel - Results,Review and Analysis

The next match at WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 featured Fandango faceoff against Justin Gabriel.The match went in the direction of Fandango as he got some great crowd reaction as well.

The Big Show Vs Sheamus - Results,Review and Analysis

The match between Big Show and Sheamus saw a lot of Boring Chants from the WWE Universe.The match ended with the World's largest Athlete getting the upperhand towards a comfortable Victory.Mark Henry also appeared from the stands during the match but it was not much of significance as he didn't play any part during the segment.

Wade Barrett Vs William Regal - Results,Review and Analysis

The match between Wade Barrett and William Regal at WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 was a match of the homecomers which got the WWE Universe cheering at the top of their lungs.The match ended with Barrett winning which was expected!

Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton - Results,Review and Analysis

Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton matchup at WWE Smackdown on 26/04/2013 ended in a disqualification as Sheamus wanted to exact revenge which made him come to the ring and give a brogue kick to Henry.Orton did hit an RKO but the results of the match showed a disqualification because of the interference by Sheamus.

The Undertaker Vs Dean Ambrose - Results,Review and Analysis

The Main event of WWE Smackdown 29/04/2013 was the match between The Undertaker and Dean Ambrose.Undertaker eventually won the match by Chokeslam and locking Hell's gate to force Dean Ambrose to tap.

The Shield did eventually end up coming to the ring to dismantle Undertaker with Chair shots and triple powerbomb through the announcer's table.

Surprise Surpise!

After this the music of New Age outlaws hit and the duo entered with Triple H to loud cheers by the crowd.The DX cleaned up the ring from The Shield as Undertaker was taken to the back.

Quick Results of WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013

WWE Smackdown 26/04/2013 Results
Jack Swagger Defeated Alberto Del Rio in a No Disqualifications Match
Layla Defeated Aksana
Fandango Defeated Justin Gabriel
The Big Show Defeated Sheamus
Wade Barrett Defeated William Regal
Mark Henry Defeated Randy Orton via DQ
The Undertaker Defeated Dean Ambrose

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