WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 started with the second largest crowd in the WWE history.I would not say that the 29th edition of Wrestlemania PPV was the best one i have seen but WWE sure tried to leave no stones unturned.Read on for the WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 Results,Review and Analysis.

WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The Shield VS Randy Orton,Sheamus and Big Show - Results,Review and Analysis

The match between Shield against Randy Orton,Sheamus and Big Show at WWE Wrestlemania 29 on 07/04/2013 began with The Shield making their entrance through the crowd as they normally do.The Shield looked to be on the offense.,When The Shield had Sheamus on the verge of Power Bomb,Big Show saved the day for him when he Speared Dean Ambrose.This however was not enough as Dean Ambrose got a pin to win the match and the results of the first encounter in Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 went in favor of The Shield.
WWE Wrestlemania 29

Mark Henry VS Ryback - Results,Review and Analysis

Mark Henry looked to dominate most of the match against Ryback at WWE Wrestlemania 29 on 07/04/2013.At one stage however Ryback even lifted Mark Henry for a Shell Shock,Henry turned it around after he grabbed the ropes and fell on Ryback.The results of this match ended in a very unexpected way as Mark Henry won.After the match Ryback gave henry a Shell Shock but the match was already over.

Tag Team Championship - Team Hell No (C) VS Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston - Results,Review and Analysis

The tag team championship match at WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 was very short lived.The match lasted for about 7 minutes.A lot of these short matches in the past have looked quite good as the wrestlers give it their all which ends up with the match being impressive and this was no exception.

The match ended with AJ distracting the referee,so Ziggler could attack Kane with his briefcase but he ended up getting Chokslamed instead to help the results in favor of Team Hell No.

Fandango VS Chris Jericho - Results,Review and Analysis

This match at WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 was a very good one to my surprise.The reason why i had absolutely no expectations from this match was because we have never seen Fandango in action.The match saw classical old ways of Jericho where he went in for the lionsault and walls of Jericho but to the surprise of the WWE Universe Fandango pulled through and won the match with a leg drop towards the end.

Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs Jack Swagger - Results,Review and Analysis

I am happy to see Del Rio no longer a heel.I used to hate him during his time with the WWE where he used to annoy people with his winks and quirks.His match against Jack Swagger at WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 was a very fast paced one.The match was technically sound throughout.Alberto Del Rio turned the results of the match in his favor after his cross arm breaker.

After the results were announced i was hoping for Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money in the bank contract but he didn't.

The Undertaker VS CM Punk - Results,Review and Analysis

The Undertaker VS CM Punk at WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 got a lot of hype in recent weeks as Undertaker's streak was in Jeopardy once again.I got to admit,I expected an Undertaker win in this match.The match saw both the wrestlers giving it their all and playing mind games.Undertaker had the upper hand during the start moments after which Punk seem to mock him by stealing his move 'Old School' from the ropes.

The match from there went back and forth with near falls for both the superstars.Undertaker hit Punk with a Chokeslam,But he kicked out.The action even went outside the ring where Punk went a flying elbow on the Undertaker after placing him in the spanish announcers table.The action then turned inside where Undertaker gave Punk his famous move 'Tombstone' but to everyone's amazement CM Punk still kicked out.

There came a point in the match where the Referee was Knocked out,after which Punk Clobbered Taker with the Urn and went for the pin but Taker kicked out.It finally took a reversal of the GTS to a tombstone for the results to Show 21-0 as Undertaker's unbeaten streak.Nice match!

Triple H VS Brock Lesnar - WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 - 1st Main event - Results,Review and Analysis

The Triple H VS Brock Lensar match at WWE Wrestlemania 29 on 07/04/2013 had everything on the line for Triple H.As expected Lesnar dominated most part of the match after bringing in his ruthless MMA talent.He sent Triple H through the Spanish announcers table and hit him with quite a few chair shots and at one stage also locked him in the Kimura lock.

Shawn Micheals also suffered an F5 at the hands on Brock Lesnar when he tried to interfere at WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013..As expected Triple H regained his strength and went after Lesnar once again.Shawn Michaels made his presence felt after he delivered Sweet Chin Music to Lesnar.The match ended with the results in favor of Triple H Courtesy of a pedigree.

John Cena VS The Rock - WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 - 2nd Main Event - Results,Review and Analysis

John Cena VS The Rock at WWE Wrestlemania 29 0704/2013 was one of the matches that was looked forward to by the WWE universe.The match as expected lived up to its expectations with one finisher from each superstar not being enough to seal the deal.

The match saw Several Rock Bottoms and People's Below but Cena was one step ahead of Rock's moves.The match was won by Cena eventually after he delivered an AA and the show went off air with both of the superstars hugging it out and shaking their hands.

Results of WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013

WWE Wrestlemania 29 07/04/2013 Results
The Shield Defeated Randy Orton,Sheamus and Big Show via Pinfall
Mark Henry Defeated Ryback Via Pinfall
Team Hell No (C) Defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston to retain Tag team championship
Fandango Defeated Chris Jericho Via Pinfall
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Jack Swagger Via Submission
The Undertaker Defeated CM Punk Via Pinfall
Triple H defeated Brock Lesnar Via Pinfall
John Cena Defeated The Rock Via Pinfall to win the WWE Championship

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