Xbox 720 Details to be revealed on 21/05/2013

Xbox 720 Details to be Unveiled on 21/05/2013

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Microsoft has confirmed that more details about the upcoming Next Gen Console 'Xbox 720' will be revealed on 21/05/2013.They further said that there will be a press event at the company's headquarters in Redmond,Washington which will gave the people a taste of the future.Read on for what more can be expected from the Press event scheduled to take place next month.

Other Revelations expected at the Press meet

Microsoft has claimed that on May 21st they will mark a new beginning of the new generation of games,TV and entertainment.

A source had earlier told to the Game Informer magazine that Microsoft will release official details about the console in its head quarters in Washington around the same time in may.This news now seems to be legitimate.

It is also being said that the event will be streamed live at,Xbox Live and Spike TV in United states and Canada.The following are expected to be revealed at the Press meet on 21/05/2013
  • Official Release Date
  • Technical Specifications
  • Price
  • Games that might release for the console
Along with the above there might be a few other revelations made at the event as well.So far the console has been getting a lot of criticism because of the permanent internet connection which many claim is required to use the new console.It would be interesting to see if the news is indeed true or if Microsoft has something else to say at the event on 21/05/2013.

What are your thoughts about the Xbox 720 press meet that is going to be held at Richmond,Washington on 21/05/2013? 


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