Xbox 720 will need permanent internet connection?

Xbox 720 will need a permanent/Active Internet Connection to load games/Applications

Xbox 360
Xbox 720 release date announcement might just be around the corner but there is something that might not go well with those who are anticipating the release of this upcoming console by Microsoft.A recent report is suggesting that that the Xbox 720 will need a permanent Internet connection to run games and applications without any interruption.A source while speaking to Kotaku confirmed that if there is an interruption the game or the application that is running gets suspended.

The report further claims that until something has changed significantly the console will require the permanent/active internet to be turned on at all times.After doing a bit of analysis it has been confirmed that if there is an interruption for approximately 3 minutes the Game or the apps running do not work and a network troubleshooter opens up within the console.

The news had come in earlier as well but it looked like a rumor because until today there has not been a console that has required an active internet connection to load games or application.

This will not go down with the players who might be saving up to buy the console as this might add an additional burden to them as they will need to bare an additional cost.

What do you think about Xbox 720 console which will require an active,permanent internet connection at all times?


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