NBA: Trail Blazers VS Clippers 16/04/2013 Results

NBA Basketball: Portland Trail Blazers VS Los Angeles Clippers 16/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NBA Basketball match between the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Clippers on 16/04/2013 saw Los Angeles gain the upper hand as the results went in their favor comfortably as they won the match at a score of 93-77.Read on for the complete,Results Review and Statistical highlights of who performed and who didn't in this NBA match that took place on 16/04/2013.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights - Blazers Vs Clippers 16/04/2013

The NBA Basketball between Portland and Los Angeles on 16/04/2013 started with Chauncey Billups back in the lineup for the Los Angeles.He didn't perform badly while he played for 17 minutes which was the time limit just below the recommended limit set for him as a precaution since he missed 8 games due to a strained right groin.

Portland Trail blazers Review and Statistical Highlights (16/04/2013)

The Portland Trailblazers towards the end fell well short of winning but the highlights of their performances on 16/04/2013 were Will Barton who scored 17 Points and Joel Freeland who added another 13.The dominance of Los Angeles in this NBA Basketball match was such that they never let the trail blazers who lost their 12th game in a row to lead.The trail blazers will be very disappointed with the results as there was no point of the match where it looked like they might make a comeback.

Los Angeles Clippers Review and Statistical Highlights

The Los Angeles clippers did well on 16/04/2013 as they had Portland Trail Blazers on the backfoot for most parts of the game.The highlights from the clippers were  Chauncey Billups who scored four points which were all in free throws.Caron Butler scored 18 of his 22 points in the third quarter on his return from an injury to his right Knee.Blake Griffin added 16 points,De Andre Jordon 10 points and 9 rebounds,Chris Paul had 11 assists.Clippers deserved the victory as they worked hard and made sure the results remained in their teams favor until the last moment of the match as they gave the blazers no chance of a comeback at all.

Final Score/Results


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