Clippers VS Sacramento Kings 17/04/2013 Results

Los Angeles Clippers VS Sacramento Kings 17/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NBA basketball match between Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings on 17/04/2013 saw the clippers clinch the results in their favor after they achieved a victory on their home turf.The match ended at a score of 112-108 in favor of the clippers.Read on for the complete Review,results and Statistical highlights of the Basketball match that took place on 17/04/2013.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights (17/04/2013)

The basketball match between the clippers and the kings saw good performances by Jamal Crawford,DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton but looking at the final moments of the match the clippers deserved the results going in their favor as they were brilliant towards the end.

Sacramento Kings Review

The highlights of the Sacramento Kings was DeMarcus Cousins who scored a season high of 36 Points and career best 22 rebounds.Marcus Thornton was another notable highlight as he scored 21 points to help Sacramento kings negate the lead in the fourth quarter.

Cousins shot 14 of 24 from the floor and hit 8 of 11 free throws.Thornton hit a three pointer to help Sacramento to 91-88 midway through the fourth.Patrick Patterson's shot from the corner arc put the kings at a score of 98-97 with 2:31 left on the clock.

Cousins and Blake Griffin during a point of the match traded  two handed dunks after which Cousins hit two free throws but their efforts unfortunately were not good enough on 17/04/2013 to help them pull the results in their favor.

Los Angeles Clippers Review

The Los Angeles on the other hand were at the top of their game on 17/04/2013.Their highlights were Chris Paul who scored 25 points and 11 assists to help them lead initially at 56-26.The Sacramento kings also at times made the Clippers run for their money but they did well to ensure the results didn't slip away from them.Jamal Crawford scored 24 points which included several big shots during the final minutes to help the win stay with Los Angeles.

Final Score/Results

Los Angeles - 112
Sacramento Kings - 108

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