Rockets VS Lakers 17/04/2013 Results

NBA Basketball: Houston Rockets VS Los Angeles Lakers 17/04/2013 Score,Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NBA Basketball match between Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakes on 18/04/2013 was a game that was about to decide which place the rockets end up in.The basketball match was supposed to decide whether Houston end up in 6th,7th or 8th place.Read on for the Score,Results,Review and Statistical Highlights of what exactly went down at this NBA Basketball match on 17/04/2013.

Score,Results,Review and Statistical Highlights (17/04/2013)

The Los Angeles lakers survived the match after they gained a comfortable 99-95 victory against the Houston Rockets in a season which his been tough for them with many superstars sidelined due to injury.The NBA basketball match went into overtime before the fate of the results were decided.

Houston Rockets Review and Statistical Highlights

Before the NBA: Basketball match took place Houston Rockets were the highest scoring team in the league with 106.1 points per game.The Los Angeles Lakers however held them well below within 53 minutes.The notable highlights from the Rockets was James Harden who was the leading scorer of the game with 30 points but he made only 8 of 25 from the field.Houston shot 41.7% (35 of 84) from the field 24.2% (8 of 33) from three and 70.8% (17 of 24) from the free throw line on 17/04/2013 but their efforts were not good enough to help the results in their favor.

Los Angeles Lakers Review and Statistical Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers were at the top of their game tonight as they won their NBA basketball match against the Houston Rockets despite having most of their stars out with an injury.The highlights from the lakers were Paul Gasol who grasped  a triple double with 17 Points,20 Rebounds and 11 assists.

Steve Blake scored 24 points as he helped Lakers lead with 6-of-20 shooting.Dwight Howard who played for 46 Minutes scored 16 points with 18 rebounds,blocking four shots and making three steals.

Lakers dominated for almost all parts of the match as they shot 36.7% from the field,31.2 % (10 of 32) from behind the arc and 67.26% (23 of 34) from the free throw line on 17/04/2013

Final score/results

Los Angeles - 99
HR - 95 (Overtime)

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