American Idol 01/05/2013 - Recap and Review

American Idol 01/05/2013 Recap and Review

American Idol which aired on 01/05/2013 was the last show before the Finale on Thursday Night,What we have learnt from the show so far is that Candice Glover has been one of the best performers throughout the season.Despite Glover and Amber Holcomb getting a lot of criticism from the judges last week,its hard to ignore that it might eventually still end up being one of them who walks home as the next American Idol.Lets now take a closer look at the Recap and Review of the popular American reality singing competition that aired on Wednesday Night.

American Idol 01/05/2013 - Recap and Review

Round 1 (Songs from this year)

Angie Miller 

Song Performed: Diamonds by Rihanna

Angie Miller's performance to Rihanna's hit song in Round 1 looked like she was trying very had which actually ended with her overdoing things such as excessive eye contact with the camera.Nicki Minaj claimed her performance to be Bland and Lackluster but also confessed she can do a lot better.Randy Jackson said he didn't love the performance.

Amber Holcomb

Song Performed - Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess

Amber seemed to have trouble remembering the lines of the song and never looked to be in control at any point which resulted in Randy Jackson saying "You looked like you were out of your mind nervous,like thinking about 20 things at once!"

Keith Urban however appreciated "The Clarity and Bell" of her singing.

Candice Glover

Song performed: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

This was the best performance of the night as Candice really mixed emotions very well within her singing which was great to see.Considering her poor performance last week this was great to see.Keith confessed "When You Sing like that,You can Sing "When I was your Giraffe.

Kree Harrison

Song Performed: See You Again by Carrie Underwood

Kree's performance helped her win back the judges once again.In the past few weeks she has been getting a lot of criticism from the judges for her detachment from the song  but this performance brought her right back in the game.

Round 2

Angie Miller (Normal choice of songs)

Song Performed: Someone to watch over me 

The performance by Angie Miller ended with her receiving heaps of praises from the judges with Nicki Minaj claiming her performance to be "A lovely version of the Classic,Unlike my 16 year old self".

Amber Holcomb 

 Song Performed: My Funny Valentine

Amber Holcomb's performance resulted in her dad crying in the audience after which she herself cried which might give her the edge with the audiences watching at home as far as the votes are concerned.

Candice Glover

Song Performed: You've changed

OOPS! Candice Glover did it again!.All the judges were impressed with her in round 2 as well as they found Glover's performance as "Perfection" and Mariah stated "There is no critique,i am going to download that ASAP"

Kree Harrision

Song Performed: Stormy Weather

Harrison' performance ended in the idol judges ganging up on her as they criticized her singing.Mariah wanted a "Bluesy" Feel and Keith also told her not to get people in her head.

Minaj pointed a finger at Harry and asked Kree to pay attention to the song she chooses based on if she wants to put people to sleep or give a memorable performance.

To be honest i didn't find this performance as bad as the judges made it sound.

As many would have expected Candice Glover was announced as a winner on 01/05/2013.That's it for my recap and review.hope you enjoyed it.

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