American Idol 02/05/2013 Results and Recap

American Idol 02/05/2013 Results and Recap

American Idol 02/05/2013 was a show where one of the contestants dream of earning a spot at the top of the tables were shattered.Its been a mixed couple of weeks as we saw the best being criticized and those who we thought didn't have a chance do exceeding well.The judges didn't have any saves left which made it more interesting to see whom the audience had to choose.The results of this US reality singing competition might shock some of you while others might have seen it coming.Read on for the complete recap of the show that aired on Thursday Night.

American Idol 02/05/2013 - Results and Recap

David Cook who won the season 7 of American Idol was present to share some advice with the girls.He said "You're gonna cry i did.And I don't ever cry"

Towards the end after a staggering 81 Million votes which included 36 million that were carried forward from last week there was one girl who had tears rolling down her eyes.Ryan Seacrest stated it as "The toughest cut of the season" and announced Amber Holcomb as the one who will leave the show on 02/05/2013.Her emotions were evident during the farewell song she sung ("I Believe in You and Me" by Whitney Houston).

Amber had her moments during the show where she fought back despite consistently being close to the bottom for most part of the season.Her performances this week that included the songs "Just Give Me a Reason" and "My Funny Valentine" unfortunately were not good enough for the audiences not to vote against her.

Three strong contestants (Angie Miller,Candice Glover and Kree Harrison) still remain.It will be interesting to see how they step up their game during the upcoming episodes to ensure they stay alive throughout the season.

Judges were sad to see Amber leave but motivated each of the Top 4 singers by saying they had long careers lined up for them.They said "You four are all superheros,and i really,really mean that"

If you think about who might actually have an upper hand towards the crown.Jimmy Loveine's statement might give you a fair bit of an idea as he said "If I was Bruno Mars I would write a song for Candice's album right now" as he praised Glover's performance.

For Angie Miller he said  that her performance was not a go back home worthy despite being a little below average.

He also said that Kree Harrision has not yet lived up to the full potentital.

Next week's episode will allow the judges to assign a song to each of the contestants and it will be great to see the fight between the girls if they follow Lovine's advice.Thats it for the recap and results of the show!

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