American Idol 09/05/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

American Idol 09/05/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

American Idol 09/05/2013 episode was a results show which was set to be a tough one as all the three singers were brilliant and choosing one was a hefty task.It was hard to see one of them leave but at the end of the day that's how the format of the show goes,on a positive note we are now one step closer to see who wins the crown this season.Read on for the complete Recap,Review and Analysis of the show that aired on Thursday Night.

American Idol 09/05/2013 - Results,Recap and Review 

As expected the show had a lot of suspense throughout and the girl who was safe was only declared during the last 15 minutes.The first name announced to be safe was Candice Glover (She deserved it didn't she?) which followed a commercial (Which top TV Shows always do to keep the audience thrilled.)

After watching a boring commercial break Ryan Seacrest finally revealed that Angie Miller was the one who will be making her way back.Harrision looked visibly shocked but instead of celebrating her victory decided to comfort Miller.The emotions clearly showed the friendship the girls shared.

Angie Millers reaction post elimination

Angie Miller said "Sorry" to the studio audience with a smile on her face and tears rolling down her eyes.Her family ended up making their way to the stage to comfort the 19 year old Massachusetts girl.Kree and Candice both cried and the judges also showed their support via a standing ovation as they bid goodbye to a singer whose performance has been quite good during the season.

Next week we will get to see Candice and Kree go all out against each other which is expected to be nothing less than a clash of the titans.

Randy Jackson Resignation

Apparently the elimination was not the only shock of the night as Randy Jackson announced his resignation from the show after being a judge for 12 Seasons.He was the only judge who gave an old school kind of feel at the reality singing competition as he was seen from the best days when the Panel used to include Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.That's about the gist of what happened during the show on Thursday night.

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