Britain's Got Talent 04/05/2013 - Results and Recap

Britain's Got Talent 04/05/2013 - Results and Recap

Britain's Got Talent 04/05/2013 was a show that was held in Glasgow and started off with all the Judges being very positive with Simon Cowell saying "We are a talented country,and we have ambition.Finding Great talent,that's what Britain's Got Talent is all about." and he also went on to say that "All You're praying for is that someone is going to walk on that stage,be incredible and then you can remember the moment you were there when you found that Star" Read on for the complete Results,Recap and performance Review of the contestants of Britain's got talent (BGT) that aired on Saturday Night (04/05/2013).

Britain's Got Talent 04/05/2013 - Results and Recap

Bernie and Brenda singing Audition

The first act of Britain's got talent that aired on 04/05/2013 saw Berine and Brenda perform La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf.Simon quickly commented on the performance by saying "It's like Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham separating away from Spice Girls and doing a duet"

Despite all the jokes and funny comments the pair managed to get four yeses with Alesha stating the performance as "I really like your vocals.I was genuinely surprised the direction you took the act in but i can't criticize it.I really enjoyed it."

El Lurchio's Sword Swallowing Act

El Lurchio  (Ian) showed off his sword swallowing trick as he got through to the next round.Amanda claimed his performance as "It's like watching a horror film isn't it.You carry on watching because you like being terrified."

The Club Town Freaks Audition

The next act saw Kimberley,Chrissy,Anthony and Nazrene which made Simon confess "I think you have to embrace madness sometimes" as they went through to the next round.What followed were a few more weird acts.

DJ Sexy Scott showed the judges how to "Funkasize" which resulted in David giving a hilarious comment on 04/05/2013 where he said "Me and Simon have been Funkasizing for many years"

The other part of the show saw a  few dancers failing to impress the judges until we got to see Martin and Marielle from Holland

Martin and Marielle Dance Audition

Their performance was one of the best of the night as it resulted in Alesha saying "Guys I absolutely loved it.It was dangerous,it was thrilling,it was exciting and from beginning to end it was so entertaining"

Simon was not too far behind the comments as he stated the performance as "I've always said this,we always welcome everyone from around the world in this competition and i think we're very lucky to have you audition on the show because that's honestly one of the best things I've seen on the show."

Shockarellas Dance performance

Tia,Maleka,Olivia,Kyra and Zhane who were school children aged between 12-16 from Manchester were the next performers who performed a few great dance moves to impress the judges at Britain's got talent.Their superb act ended them getting four yeses to move through towards the next round.

J Unity's Singing Act and Josh McKenzie's DJing and Drumming

J unity included 19 year old twins Jerome and Jamaal who were students from North London.They sang the song Labrinth - Express Yourself at BGT.Cowell commented on their performance by saying "You've obviously got great chemistry and i think you've come along at the right time"

The brother of Singer Labrinth,MckNasty (Josh McKenzie) came on stage and impressed with his mix of DJing and drumming.This ended with Alesha being out of her seat and Simon smiling.He said "I think You're brother's going to be really proud of you,I really do.You have four big fat yeses.Congratulations."

Thomas Bounce's Juggling act

A 16 year old named Thomas Bounce showed his unique skills of juggling on 04/05/2013.Simon correctly said "For me bouncing ping pong balls,after about 30 seconds i found it a bit boring and i think other people would as well."

Amanda however was positive towards Bounce' performance as she claimed to be interesting and was impressed with his skills.Alesha however seemed to be more in agreement with Simon and David looked to be on Amanda's side.

After a bit of a drama Thomas finally received the third yes he was looking for from Alesha.

The juggling act followed a few Mediocre performances.Simon being straight forward to Jaden Cornelious said "I hate being a pessimist here but i don't think your dream is going to come true int terms of singing"

He told Gina McNulty "I don't particularly like your voice.The song was dreadful."

Alex Keirl's singing act

This was the final performance of the night and was undoubtedly the best one at Britain's got talent.His act brought the judges onto their feet as he whisked through to the next round.He got positive responses from all the judges.

Alesha said "That was a great vocal performance.You have a very,very powerful instrument and you have a really lovely ethereal quality about your voice and you pitched that perfectly.Well done,"

Amanda said "You did,you landed on every single note and your breath control was extraordinary it was an outstanding performance."

Simon concluded: "Alex,yeah,I echo what the others said. My only reservation was whether  it was just a little bit too high.I mean was just you know, how i personally felt about the song."

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