Britain's Got Talent 11/05/2013 - Results (WEEK 5)

Britain's Got Talent 11/05/2013 - Results,Recap and Review (WEEK 5)

Britain's got Talent 11/05/2013 which was the week 5 of the reality talent competition kicked off its 5th round of auditions/acts alongside Judges David Williams, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell.  Just like any other reality TV Shows, this one too featured a few silly and great performances.  Read on for the complete Results, Recap and Review of the show that aired on Saturday Night.

Britain's got Talent 11/05/2013 - Results and Recap

Admit it, BGT is always fun to watch despite a few not so great performances.In the words of Simon Cowell, the focus of the show is to find talent from all over the world.Keeping that in mind lets now take a closer look at the performance reviews of the contestants along with the recap of one of Britain's favorite shows that aired on 11/05/2013.

Jack Duff and Cormac Connell

The first contestants to kick off the show were Jack Duff and Cormac Connell who were aged 13 and 14 respectively. They ended up getting a standing ovation from the Audience with their performance of "Little Talk" by Monsters and Men.

Judges Comments / Reaction

David Williams: "One Direction meets Simon and Garfunkel"

Simon Cowell: "It was good,It wasn't great, But the moments when it worked the two of you singing together was really good.And i do like your taste in music; it does feel like you've chosen the songs, not your mum."

Duff and Connell ended up getting four yeses for their efforts.

The next performer at the Britain's got talent was Rosie who was 19 year old singer who performed to the song "This is a Man's world. " The results went in her favor as she also ended up moving on to the next round.

Kelly Fox (A.K.A) Sandra Broadbent's

The next in line was Broadbent's Act as she decided to sing "Kiss my Ass." A section of this act ended up with Simon literally kissing Amanda's ass.

Judges Comments /Reaction

Amanda: "You've got Sex Appeal, You've got loads of energy, Agression, You're really feisty. "I love that song."

Justin Bongoman's act saw him singing a song, which didn't impress the judges at all as they felt the performance was 'Atrocious' and Peruvian Musician Horlando Salinas also didn't seem to have a good time as he left Britain's got talent 11/05/2013 in tears Post Simon's criticism.

Pre Skool which was a sister act of the last year's finalists NU Sxool faced off against Youth Creation which featured 33 boys and girls aged between Seven to fourteen from Essex.

Both the teams won four yesses and so did Glambassadors who were a group of 7 dancers.David Williams commented "I don't normally like things that are camp, but today i am going to make an exception."

The next act saw a new line up of Liverpool outfit MD production who had turned up for a third shot.Simon commented "The very first time i saw you,was honestly one of the best things i'd seen on the show. "But this is not in the same league.What you did before i'd never ever seen before, this i've seen variations of." Despite Cowell voting against them the group still ended up getting three yesses.

Mazeppa Cossacks were the next acts at the show. They ended up getting three yesses but once again left Simon Unimpressed as he said "I Can't remember the last time i decided; you know what i want to watch tonight, Cossack Dancing. Do i want to see it again? Not particularly."

Eddie Shand's act involved comedy.The 53 year old Royal Mail worker from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne didn't do too well while another comedian Philip Green who was a 21 year old Body Shop Consultant from Surrey made the audience at the auditorium laugh as he imitated Lorraine Kelly, Louie Spence and Natalie Cassidy.

Alesha commented on Philip by saying "Are you sure you're not related to Stacey Solomon?" I think you're really funny, loveable."

After the comedy acts Simon sent a signal to Francine lewis who was a mimic saying it might be fun to have two imperssionists in the finals. That's it for the results and recap of the Britain's favorite show that aired on 11/05/2013.

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