Britain's Got Talent 18/05/2013 Recap

Britain's Got Talent 18/05/2013 Recap, Review and Analysis

Britain's got Talent 18/05/2013 started with another set of Auditions which were set to entertain with just one week to go before the actual live shows begin.  The Talent competition as it has over the years showcased a few great and a few not so great performances on Saturday Night.  Read on for the complete Recap,  Review and Analysis of the Show.

Britain's Got Talent 18/05/2013 Recap

One of Britain's favorite Shows kicked off with La Quebrade High Divers showing a superb performance in Cardiff,  They became the third team to perform outside the Venue.  After watching the act, Simon commented "That's what you call an ending."

David on the other hand said "Of all the high diving acts we've seen in Cardiff, this has definitely been the best one.  The group eventually ended up getting four yeses for their efforts.

The Following auditions/acts featured a few animals, A dog called Patty, A racoon called Melanie and a dog called Yogi.  The show also featured acts from a canine care group who had six dogs named Willog, Floyd, Taia, Storm, Fluff and Hetty alongside.

After seeing the acts as expected none of them managed to get even a single yes from the Judges.  Simon Commented "We Haven't had an animal act yet. I love animals."

Speaking about the Judges,  Simon and David pulled Alesha's love life into the spotlight as they teased her with a bunch of eligible men who made it to the stage on 18/05/2013.  Simon went to an extent of trying to set her up with E3 Brothers.

After Luicen John's singing performance which won him a spot into the next round, David too got into the act as he asked Alesha "Do you get men singing at you a lot?"

A backstage segment of the show saw David telling Alesha "It's not a chance for you to just find a partner.  We're trying to find a talented person to be on Britain's got talent.  Don't treat the show like a dating show."

Back to BGT, A vocal group Band of Voices  performed to "God Save the Queen."  The group managed four yeses after which Simon told "I love you guys, I think now its a time when people really, really appreciate great vocals.  There's not a band like this on the market at the moment.  Very,Very impressive. Really Good."

Another Singer named Maarty Broekman was not as impressive as cowell told him "By a clear mile that is the worst song i have heard in 7 years. I mean Seriously, Seriously terrible.  Everything about it."  He still managed to get through to the next round as David, Alesha and Amanda loved the act to help him whisk through to the next round.

21 Year old Poppin' Ron and Joseph Hall's act was dance.  Along with Joseph Hall, a managing director at Nottingham dance studio, Steve Hewellett who was a Ventriloquist and illusionist Stevie Pink managed to impress the judges.

David Commented "We're always a bit annoyed when we don't know how the trick is done."

The final act of the day involved Aliki Chrysochou who was a 29 year old music teacher from Cyrus.

She was a singer and performed brilliantly to "Bring me to life" by Evanescene as she most deservedly ended the show with four yeses with Cowell saying "There's something special about her."

That's it for my Recap and Review.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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