Britain’s Got Talent 26/05/2013 Recap

Britain’s Got Talent 26/05/2013 Recap, Review and Highlights

During the last seven weeks, BGT has seen it all, a few superb performances, judges storming out, disagreeing and finally selecting the best of the lot.  The talent competition Show that aired on Sunday night was results time with the judges deciding on 45 acts deserved to be in the Live Semi Finals.  Read on for the complete Britain's Got Talent 26/05/2013 Recap.

Britain's got Talent 26/05/2013 Recap and Highlights

It's all come down to public votes now where the contestants will be hoping to get some love through the audience via the voting system to get one step closer to the £25,000 Grand Prize. Below is the list of BGT'S final forty five who are confirmed to be in the semi finals.

Britain's Final 45 List

  • Bosom Buddies
  • Jack and Cormac
  • Freelusion
  • Chasing the Dream
  • MCBoy
  • Aaron Crow
  • Gabrielle Gardiner
  • Aliki
  • CEO Dancers
  • The Band of Voices
  • Poppin' Ron
  • Meat Diva
  • Joseph Hall
  • Rosie O'Sullivan
  • Modupe
  • Youth Creation
  • Steve Hewlett
  • Maarty Broekman
  • Martin Healy
  • Rob & Craig
  • Club Town Freaks
  • Pre Skool
  • Shockarellas
  • James Moore
  • J - Unity
  • MD
  • Alex Keir
  • Robbie Kennedy
  • The Glambassadors
  • Arixsandra Libantino
  • Jack Carroll
  • Stevie Pink
  • Thomas Bounce
  • Jordan O'Keefe
  • Phillip Green
  • Martin & Marielle
  • Francine Lewis
  • AJ & Chloe
  • Incognito
  • Alice Fredenham
  • Richard & Adam
  • Luminites
  • Asanda
  • Attraction
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