Britain's Got Talent 27/05/2013 Results (Semi Finals)

Britain's Got Talent 27/05/2013 Results, Recap and Review (Semi Finals)

Britain's Got Talent or BGT on Monday Night  was a live semi final episode which saw contestants trying to impress the judges while they tried to make it through to the final round.  It was going to be an interesting episode considering all the 45 contestants judges had selected on Sunday Night were pretty good.  Read on for the complete Britain's got talent 27/05/2013 Results and Recap.  
Please note: spoilers will be included below.

Britain's got Talent 27/05/2013 Results and Recap

Arixsandra Libanito

The first ones to impress at one of Britain's favorite reality shows or BGT's Live Semi Final episode on Monday Night (27/05/2013) were Arisxandra Libantino and the singing duo of Richard and Adam Johnson.  The judges have already taken a liking to Arisxandra who is just 11 years old,  Libantino was nervous through her performance but was motivated well by the audience who gave her loud cheers.  However the Judges claimed she was a bit nervous during her performance.

Judge's Reaction/Comments

David Williams: "You blew the roof off the joint. Simon made a point earlier about kids being on the show but if you have a talent like your's, you've got to share that with the world!"

Alesha Dixon: "I could tell you were a little bit nervous..Once you got into it and your vocals opened up, you were on fire."

Amanda Holden: "You tore the place up, you had a standing ovation at the end.  I can see you really came into your own at the end."

Simon Cowell:  "As the guys said, if you've got it, you've got it.  I think it was one of the best performances of the night.

Richard and Adam Johnson (Singing Duo)

Apart from Arixsandra Libanito, the singing duo of Richard and Adam Johnson were very impressive at Britain's reality talent competition.  They got a few wonderful comments from the Judges especially Simon who strongly felt they have a career even after the show.  Below is what the judges had to say about their performance.

Simon: "Like I've said, some acts were better in the auditions than they were tonight but I think you were the opposite. I tell you what, you won't be back in the sandwich show."

David: "Everywhere i go, People ask me about you two.  You made a huge impression in the audition and made an even bigger one tonight."

Their performance had quite an impression on their family as well who were a part of the audience at Britain's got talent semi final episode on 27/05/2013, their Gradma was shown cheering for them with tears in her eyes.

On a night which started off brilliantly for Arixsandra Libanito, Richard and Adam,  there were a few performances which didn't create any impression on the judges.  Aaron Crow failed to impress Simon as he thought his act for the night was not dangerous enough despite him chopping an apple that was placed on top of the Show host's head in half using a Threatening weapon.  Below is what the judges had to say about his act.

Simon: Not as good as the first audition, I didn't like the music. I kind of wanted you to go three or four inches below the target this time. It would have been a better act, better for the ratings. It was good but could have been better."

David: "We've never seen anything like it on Britain's Got Talent. I was a big fan of the show before I was on it. If you get through to the final I would like to see Simon put in terrible danger!"

So its decided then, Arixsandra Libantino and the singing duo of Richard and Adam Johnson are the first one's to make it to the finals. That's about it for my results and Recap of the show.  Hope you Enjoyed it!

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