Britain's Got Talent 28/05/2013 Results (Second Semi Final)

Britain's Got Talent 28/05/2013 Results (Second Semi Final)

After watching Arisxandra Libantino and the signing duo of Adam and Richard making it to the finals during Monday Night's BGT, the second semi final on Tuesday Night was dominated by the kids.  The judges this season have done a fine job with the selections and the finals is expected to be a cracker.  Read on for the Britain's got Talent 28/05/2013 Results, Recap and Review. Bear in mind, Spoilers will be included below.

Britain's Got Talent 28/05/2013 Results and Recap

The Britain's got talent show on Tuesday night saw Teen Comedian Jack Carroll and Singer Gabz making it through to the finals after they managed to impress the judges through their splendid acts and performances.

The Feature of  Britain's got talent 28/05/2013 were the kids, especially the 13 year old Singer-Songwriter Gabz and Teen Comedian Jack Carroll, who used a wheelchair as he was born with cerebral palsy.

Jack Carroll

Carroll made some hilarious jokes with a lot of laughs among the judges and the audience which resulted in David  Walliams claiming him to be "the new peter Kay."

Amanda said: "Jack, I know we saw you briefly before the show started and i know you were really, really nervous.. I couldn't be prouder."

Simon Said: "It's been actually worth making this show just to meet you.  I absolutely loved you! You've got a wicked sense of humor.  I could have killed you half way through the performance..Brilliant!."

Jack managed to beat all the acts during the second semi final episode as he made it through to the next round.  After he was congratulated by Ant and Dec, he jokingly commented "I sort of knew. It's a bit mad that, isn't it?"


The teen took center stage to sing a song she wrote herself while she played a piano throughout the performance. After her performance David who looked visibly impressed said "All i want to say is Gabz..Simon Cowell, get that song onto iTunes, that is a number one record!"

Amanda stated : "You are a little star in the making, just listening to your voice, listening to the lyrics.  You remind me of Lily Allen when she first started."

Simon Said : "You know what, the kids have taken over the show.  They just do better than the adults.  I absolutely love you...I agree, I think the songs a hit...You are a little pop star."

The judges liking towards Gabz seemed evident as they voted in favor of the singer to save her with David commenting: "It's tough you're both so good.  I think I've got to go with the person who sung her own song tonight." The following is what the other judges had to say.

Alesha:: "I think you're both amazing, this is a tough one tonight.  I'm going to go with the act i think is ready right now for a career in the industry."

Amanda: "I'm Echoing what Alesha said.  You're all brilliant and I've always said, 'little Britain's got talent."

Simon: "You've both done brilliant..but i would have gone with the other three, Gabz we're going to see you in final,sweetheart."

Alice Fredenham

At a point of the show Alice Fredenham  broke down following her performance.  She confessed that she had made a lot of mistakes during the audition.  She also claimed her confidence had been knocked down after she was rejected from The Voice auditions earlier.

The judges however calmed her down by saying she had nothing to worry about as her mistakes were not even noticeable.

David said: "Alice, you are every inch the star. You look incredible up there. I love it when someone just stands on the stage and just draws us into the song as you did."

Alesha Commented: "The first time we met you, you were really shy... I know there was a slight mistake in there but trust me when I tell you this... your voice is majestic."

Simon, Further said: "There's been so much controversy about you going on this show, going on that show, are you authentic? You're old school, authentic, beautiful... I really, really hope they public get behind you because you deserve it."

Thats it for my recap and review of the show thar aired on 28/05/2013. Hope you enjoyed it!

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