Britain's Got Talent 30/05/2013 Results (Third Semi Final)

Britain's Got Talent 30/05/2013 Results, Recap and Review (3rd Semi Final)

Thursday Night was BGT's third Semi Final Episode through which 9 contestants attempted to impress the judges as they tried to cement their place in the finals.  A total of 9 acts were performed during the night by Stevie Pink, Rosie O' Sullivan, Thomas Bounce, Freelusion, The Luminites, Pre-Skool, Mc Boy, Robbie Kennedy and Joseph Hall.  Read on for the complete Recap and Review of the show.

Britain's Got Talent 30/05/2013 Results


The first act of the night was performed by Freelusion who danced around the stage dressed as superheros.  Amanda didn't like the performance and was the first one to hit the buzzer, below is what the other judges had to say about the performance

David Walliams: " I thought it was fantastic because you really moved it on from the first audition..Very imaginative, a comic book coming to life.  I thought it was fantastic guys, well done."

Alesha Dixon: "I buzzed because quite honestly I'm disappointed.  I think today it just looks like a dance routine but i liked what you did before..If you do get through to the first audition I'd like to see more of what you did before."

Simon Cowell: "Apologies Amanda did buzz you one second before the end..I actually think it's one of those acts that probably comes over better on TV because it's difficult in the live environment.  Well done!"

Robbie Kennedy

Robbie Kennedy, a 21 year old brick layer from South Wales got a lot of cheering from the crowds throughout the performance, which was singing and playing a guitar.  Despite him being visibly nervous, the judges had the following to say

David: "That was fantastic.  You made song completely your own, We believed every single word of it and judging by the screams tonight it sounds like you're becoming a bit of a sex symbol.  You became star tonight, well done."

Amanda: "I loved it, it started off a little bit pitchy but once you got into it, it was great."

Simon was the only one to disagree as he said  "Robbie, look, I like you a lot and i liked your first audition but i didn't like your choice of song...You do actually sound a bit like Brian Adams and i think it was a bit copycat..I do think the public are going to get behind you..You've got to lose your nerves."

Stevie Pink

Next act was Stevie Pink, a 45 year old from Suffolk.  Pink was an illusionist who said tonight his very real cat will be the star of the show.  The judges didn't look too impressed with Simon and Alesha Buzzing fairly quickly as the judges said the following

David: "It was a bit of fun and buzz, a magician before he's done his trick is pointless.  I liked it, it was a bit of camp and it was a bit of fun."

Amanda: "I love you but i think the trouble is, the ending is always good but the lead up's rubbish.  There's nothing more to say."

Simon: "That opening was horrendous.  The music, your talking, it  just took to long to get there and your talking was awful.  The act was awful."

Pre Skool

The next act at the third semi final of Britain's got talent on 30/05/2013 was by a group called Pre-Skool.  Their performance was one of the best of the night as they received a standing ovation for their efforts by the judges as well as the audience.

David: "I know there's been a bit of controversy about school kids being on this show but luckily none about kids that are too young to go to school.. What i love about you lot is that often on a dance group there's one that stands out as a star. You're all stars."

Amanda's hilarious comment: "Best act of the night so far.  If you're not in the final, I will kiss Simon Cowell!"

Simon: "Just to be clear if someone's watching, these are 45 year old midgets... I think it was by far the best dance act of the night so far!"

Thomas Bounce

Next up was the performance by Thomas Bounce, a 16 year old from Lancashire.  His act of bouncing the balls on the floor didn't impress Simon or Alesha as they both Buzzed and said

Alesha: "I think you are talented but i agree with the people who think it's old fashioned, Boring or not cool."

Amanda: "I loved it, Thomas.  It is old fashioned but it's variety.  You span it tonight with the girls and the pretty lights."

Simon: "I like you and i think you're a very good juggler.  My problem is, I actually don't find that very interesting.. I wouldn't go to a show to see someone do that."

Rose O' Sullivan

Rose O' Sullivan was up next who mesmerized each and everyone with her powerful voice.  The judges were very impressed with her performance and gave her a lot of positive feedback

David: "You were born to sing, that was just fantastic.  All of us in this room here were just hanging on your every word.  It was brilliant."

Amanda: "It was so powerful and so effortless.  I can see you absolutely filling the Albert Hall."

Simon: "Rosie, thank god for you tonight.  That was a very, very, very good vocal performance.. There's more to be gotten out of you and when you hit that key change it was unbelievable.  On a slightly negative note,  I don't like what you were wearing.. If you make it to the final i think we could help you with a better song choice."

Rosie responded by saying "It felt incredible, It was amazing.  It's absolutely unbelievable that I'm up here doing what i love."

Joseph Hall

The next act was performed by the 36 year old Joseph Hall from Nottingham.  His performance involved dancing which was loved by the audience and ended up really impressing David and Amanda.

Alesha " You came out all fired up and boy did you put on a show.  I loved the music, it just felt classic.  To fill a stage on your own is not easy and you did it."

Amanda: "You are my favorite act of the night so far.  You are such a gentleman... You should be in the final."

Simon: "You were like Usain Bolt... You were out like greyhound out of a trap when that track started... As an act, as a piece of entertainment, it was one of the best we've seen tonight."

MC Boy

Next up was MC Boy, a 22 year old rapper who failed to impress the judges.  Amanda and Simon hit the buzzer while Amanda Claimed that Cowell was the one who pressed her's

David: "Fantastic! This song is so infectious, It's so catchy... It's fantastic.  How can anyone not like that? You'd have a very dark soul."

Simon: "It was arguably worse than the first time we heard it.  We ended up with that weird dance routine at the end with you hopping around on one leg.  You've kind of summed up what is a very strange evening tonight."


Last, but not the least Luminites were the final act of the evening and ended the Britain's got talent third semi finals on 30/05/2013 in fine fashion.  The group included four singers and musicians who made a very good impression on the audience.  Following were the comments by the judges.

David: "Wow! We Knew you were cool, We knew you were all very good-looking young people...I think you could be the ones to watch tonight.  I really do."

Alesha: "There's so many lovely elements about this group..Every single one of you has something special to offer.  I think you'd fit into the music industry now seamlessly.  I'm  really excited to see what's to come for your career."

Simon: "The Luminites have landed, Right?
I've got to be honest with you, most of tonight was like watching some insane amateur talent show at a holiday camp and then you guys come on and i think this will work in the real world.  I don't like to give comparisons because you're original but you're a little like the Britain Black Eyed Peas."

The Two acts that got through

It was the results time at the Third Semi Final of Britain's got talent on 30/05/2013.  The person with most votes from and the public and going straight through was the Luminites.  A member of the band said "It's not sunk in yet.  To everyone that voted at home, thank you so much.  It means everything to us."

As i expected it, the second one to be selected were Pre Skool.  The judges had to decided in between Joseph Hall and Pre Skool for a place in the finall but decided the go with the latter.  Hall signed off by saying "I had a fantastic time, i want to thank everyone.  There's still a lucky side to come back and i want that lucky card."

That's it for my entire recap of the show that aired on Thursday Night.  Hope you enjoyed it!

What are your thoughts about the Britain's got talent 30/05/2013 Results?


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