Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe 03/05/2013 - Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe 03/05/2013 - Results,Review and Statistical Highlights (1st ODI)

Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe 03/05/2013 1st ODI Cricket match started with the Zimbabweans winning the toss and electing to field.Bangladeshi's will be hoping to gain momentum in the tournament as they are undoubtedly a little stronger than Zimbabweans.Read on for the Results,Review and Statistical Highlights of the match that took place today.

Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe 03/05/2013 - Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

Looking at the lineup of both the teams they looked evenly balanced but Bangla seemed to have a bit of an edge as far as experience was concerned.What made this match even more interesting was that it was held in Zim which meant they knew about the playing conditions more than the touring team.Lets now take a closer look at the batting and bowling Reviews of each team as it happened on 03/05/2013.

Bangladesh Batting

I Wouldn't say Bangladeshi's batted superbly but it was decent enough for them to post a competitive total.Nasir Hossain was the highlights of their innings as he led the charge for them as he made a score of 68 Runs from 67 Balls.The only other notable performance was by Mominul Hossain and Mahamudullah who made 38 and and 36 Runs respectively.

Zimbabwe Bowling

The Zimbabweans bowled well in patches but were not consistent enough as they gave away a lot of runs in the end as the Bangladeshi's were able to post quite a competitive total.It was not going to be easy for them to chase down the total but at the same time since it was their home ground they couldn't be entirely ruled out of the match.The highlights of their bowling was SW Masakadza who picked up 4 Wickets.

Zimbabwe Batting

Zimbabweans batting was very hesitant to start with.They never looked to threaten the target.Apart from H Masakadza,Brendan Taylor and  SW Masakadza who made 38,33 and 33 Runs respectively no one else was able to make a decent score to really be within the striking distance of the target.

Bangladesh Bowling

Bangladeshi bowling was right upto the mark as they ensured Zimbabweans didn't even get close to the target.Almost all their bowlers ensured they didn't let the match slip away any moment whatsoever.The highlights of their bowling was Ziaur Rahman who picked up 5 Wickets as the final results showed them winning by 121 Runs.

Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe 03/05/2013 - Results/Scorecard

Bangla innings (50 overs maximum) DismissalR B 4s 6s SR
Tamim Iqbal c †Taylor b SW Masakadza 31494063.26
Mohammad Ashraful c Utseya b SW Masakadza 29414070.73
Mominul Haque c †Taylor b Chatara 38663057.57
Mushfiqur Rahim*† c †Taylor b SW Masakadza 5130038.46
Shakib Al Hasan run out (Waller) 130033.33
Nasir Hossain c Waller b Panyangara 686771101.49
Mahmudullah b SW Masakadza 36383094.73
Ziaur Rahman c Chakabva b Chatara 121020120
Abdur Razzak not out 161110145.45
Shafiul Islam not out 120050
Extras (b 5, lb 9, w 18) 32
Total (8 wickets; 50 overs) 269(5.38 runs per over)
Did not bat Robiul Islam
Fall of wickets 1-65 (Tamim Iqbal, 13.4 ov), 2-75 (Mohammad Ashraful, 15.4 ov), 3-92 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 21.1 ov), 4-94 (Shakib Al Hasan, 21.5 ov), 5-170 (Mominul Haque, 36.2 ov), 6-214 (Nasir Hossain, 43.1 ov), 7-237 (Ziaur Rahman, 46.1 ov), 8-263 (Mahmudullah, 49.2 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
TL Chatara 1005225.2(4w)
T Panyangara 1014914.9(2w)
E Chigumbura 502404.8(4w)
SW Masakadza 1005145.1(5w)
P Utseya 1004804.8(1w)
H Masakadza 402406(1w)
MN Waller 10707
Zim innings (target: 270 runs from 50 overs) DismissalR B 4s 6s SR
H Masakadza lbw b Ziaur Rahman 38533171.69
RW Chakabva b Shafiul Islam 170014.28
Sikandar Raza b Shafiul Islam 360050
BRM Taylor*† b Abdur Razzak 33374089.18
SC Williams run out (Abdur Razzak/†Mushfiqur Rahim) 10111090.9
MN Waller b Ziaur Rahman 19381050
E Chigumbura b Ziaur Rahman 03000
P Utseya c Mominul Haque b Ziaur Rahman 04000
SW Masakadza lbw b Robiul Islam 333332100
T Panyangara lbw b Ziaur Rahman 01000
TL Chatara not out 02000
Extras (lb 2, w 7, nb 2) 11
Total (all out; 32.1 overs) 148(4.60 runs per over)
Fall of wickets 1-4 (Chakabva, 1.4 ov), 2-13 (Sikandar Raza, 3.1 ov), 3-78 (Taylor, 14.5 ov), 4-93 (Williams, 18.4 ov), 5-93 (H Masakadza, 19.1 ov), 6-93 (Chigumbura, 19.4 ov), 7-93 (Utseya, 21.2 ov), 8-148 (Waller, 31.3 ov), 9-148 (Panyangara, 31.4 ov), 10-148 (SW Masakadza, 32.1 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
Robiul Islam 5.112114.06(1w)
Shafiul Islam 603926.5(1nb, 3w)
Abdur Razzak 621011.66
Shakib Al Hasan 302709
Ziaur Rahman 913053.33(1nb, 1w)
Mahmudullah 201206
Mominul Haque 10707

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