Dancing with the Stars - Season 16 Finale Results

Dancing with the Stars 21/05/2013 - Season 16 Finale - Results, Recap and Analysis

It's finally results time at Dancing With the Stars Season 16.  The Night, as expected included a lot of surprises and shocks and i must admit, it didn't disappoint at all.  Even though there was a part of me expecting different results, at the end of the day the dance reality competition show was fun to watch.  Read on for the complete Dancing With the Stars 21/05/2013 Results and Recap.

Dancing with the Stars Season 16 Finale Results

DWTS 21/05/2013 kicked off with the final four dancers waiting in anticipation to know if they had done enough throughout the season to win the faith of audiences who played a major role through voting to help them get one step closer.
An Old Television Set

A recap of last night's show was shown and it was confirmed that the red cross will help those affected by wreckage of the tornado that ripped through the city of Oklahoma.

Kellie and Derek then performed an encore as they did last night and their performance was one of the best you will ever get to see.  Lets now get to the results.

Fourth Place: Aly and Mark

Aly and Mark performed well throughout the season.  They ended their journey at DWTS through a last dance after which a few video snippets of their past were shown.

Dancing with the stars 21/05/2013 - A Few Highlights

  • Wyonna Judd sang the song "I want to know what love is" as Tony and Peta danced.
  • Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb danced to Foxtrot as Len Joined them.
  • Since Tristian was Injured she was not quite able to dance which resulted in Dorothy dancing with Henry.
  • Andy Dick and Sharna did a hilarious Skit.
  • Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff danced salsa to Mar Anthony's "Water of Nile."
  • Kellie and Derek did a bit of Jive to little richard's keep knocking but you can't come in.
  • Zendaya and Val did the Jive Dance.
  • Pitfull's performed as a few behind the scene moments were shown

Jacoby and Karina Smirnoff

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff performed to insta Salsa which was fun to watch. Their performance was well appreciated by the judges as well as they got a perfect score.

Len:  "He is a breath of fresh air."

Bruno:  "Charisma, showmanship and he will watch him any time."

Carrie Ann:  "He proved why he is still here and a champion."

Scores: 30/30

Kellie and Derek

Kellie and Derek performed to the insta jive next.  Throughout the season they had one of the best co ordination and both the dancers complimented in each other extremely well which resulted in the judges saying

Bruno:  "He is screaming over how much he loves it and how much she is like Julianne Hough."

Carrie Ann:  "A perfect ending for the Wonder Twins."

Len:  "Clean, precise and sharp. Bee's knees, momma's pajamas, uncle's carbuncle and awesome." 

Score: 30/30

Zendaya and Val

Zendaya and Val were the final ones to perform to the insta jive and as Zendaya has done all season she did not disappoint this time either.  The judges gave the following comments for her performance

Carrie Ann:  "She is going to be sad to not see them anymore. They made every dance they did special." 

Len:  "She dances with such maturity and puts character and personality into each dance."

Bruno:  "A massive hit with unique and individual style."

Score: 30/30

After Zendaya and Val's performance Jessica Sanchez sang a song as the final three's best moments were shown.

Third Place: Jacoby and Karina

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff didn't quite get through the line as they ended at the third place.  For me Jones was one of the most improved performers and constantly worked on his dancing ability to remain in the game which got him this far.
Despite him being criticized earlier that his feet moments were as if he was on a playing field i considered him one of the strong contenders.

Who is the Winner?

Good question...The Answer is simple...The Winner is Zend.....Kellie and Derek what?

Well i was expecting to hear Zendaya's name here but unfortunately for her it was Kellie and Derek who were crowned the season 16 winners of dancing with the stars.  I wonder why Zendaya didn't win the crown but at the same time Kellie and Derek were also strong contenders so congratulations to the winners.  That's it for the results and recap of the show that aired on Tuesday night (21/05/2013).

What are your thoughts about the Dancing with the Stars 21/05/2013 Finale Results?


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